“I’m In Shape – What’s Your Excuse?”


She got in shape. He got in shape.

What’s your excuse?

My brother lost over 100 lbs training with me in his home gym.

What’s your excuse?

My pal from the gym has well-muscled arms, despite being in a wheelchair.

What’s your excuse?

Okay. Enough of this nonsense.

Because while all of the things above are true, I have always had a real problem with the fitness term “what’s your excuse?” being used as some kind of motivational insult aimed at people who aren’t happy with their physique.

fitness motivation

Someone transformed their body? Well done them.

But if the message being given is that you’re some kind of sub-par human being for not also achieving greatness against seemingly insurmountable odds, it’s not motivational.

No matter what filter you put on via Instagram.

In fact, fuck you and the egotistical pat on the back you were trying to give yourself.

Because what could have been a really good piece of motivation to somebody just starting out in the gym – i.e. “Look what I did, you can do it too!” – suddenly becomes a nasty, better-than-you jibe.

Where I come from, fitness motivation isn’t about shaming somebody into getting fit. It isn’t about making someone feel like they are weak-willed or pathetic for falling off their diet.

It is a phrase you will never hear me use.

And if your friends look to you for fitness advice, I recommend you use your powers of motivation for good.

Putting someone down is no way to pick them up!


Now I have a question for you.

Do you agree with my stance on the whole “What’s Your Excuse?” thing? Let me know by dropping a comment below.

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