What Causes The Pump?

what causes the pump

It’s a feeling gym enthusiasts absolutely love.

But what causes the pump?

Settle down with a protein shake, today I’ll explain.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being pumped in the gym.

It’s a phenomenon that the great Arnold Schwarzenegger once described as “better than sex”.

Most guys believe that this is created by blood rushing to the muscle which while it is being worked, causing it to temporarily swell up.

Buy despite being an explanation accepted by many, this is not true.

What Causes The Pump?

The pump is caused by the waste products – known as metabolites – which are building up inside the muscle.

This waste is caused by the breakdown of protein, carbohydrates and fats inside the muscle to be used for fuel.

When this happens, the fluid which sits on the outside of the muscle cell – interstitial fluid – and fluid in the blood is drawn inside the muscle cell.

We call this process osmosis.

what causes the pump

Due to the amount of water which is rushing into each cell of the muscle that’s being worked, the muscle then swells up like a balloon.

When training a muscle to failure or using high rep sets, osmosis can help us to create a particularly huge pump.

The pump generally lasts for anything from twenty minutes to a couple of hours, before returning back to normal.

Interesting, huh?

So there you have it, guys, the next time you hear a gym buddy saying you’re pumped due to blood filling your muscles feel free to share this interesting fact with them.

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