Welcome To The Blog

I’d like to take a quick moment to welcome you to the website, I hope you like the new-look Russ Howe PTI blog.russ howe pti

If you’re new around these parts, allow me to give you a quick guide to what I do, how the website works and why so many people use it.

To help you get started right away, there’s a quick guide below to help you get around the place:

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What Type Of Training Do I Do?

I’m best known for my style of brutal high intensity weight training.

I’ll have you going heavy, using techniques such as dropsets, gauntlet sets, and Ballbreaker sets (yeah, they’re a thing).

As you’ve probably noticed already, the brand ‘The Fat Loss Guy’ gives away what I do – my main skill is getting people leaner via hard weight training. Think circuits, high reps, insane burning and questioning why you put yourself through this.

Now you’re on the right lines.

Currently, when I’m personal training at Powerhouse Gym in South Shields around 90% of my PT clients are female, and here on the website around 70% of members are female.

Women appear to like the no-nonsense approach, and the no-bullshit “get it done” attitude attached to my work.

Give it a try, see if you also enjoy it.

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The Story So Far

Perhaps you’re arriving on this post having never previously seen my site or worked with me in the gym?

Here’s a bit of background info.

I’ve been a personal trainer for 13 years (eek!) and around 5 years ago I began uploading tips to YouTube.

I was fascinated by the power of the worldwide web, and it didn’t take long before the simple videos started to become part of my job.

Those humble beginnings eventually built into what you see today – the magazine work I’ve done with the likes of Men’s Fitness and Women’s Health, the fully interactive website, the premium workout plans on sale in the shop, and the training gear.

Crazy, right?

The one thing I learned in those 13 years is that personal training is a people business, and if people buy into the way you teach things, anything is possible.

So in a fitness world where everyone tries to present Zoolander-style super-filtered perfect looking pouty squats, I’m proud to be the guy happily poking fun at myself for having one leg slightly shorter than the other (seriously, left hip crumbled when I was 9!) and no grasp on the craze that is ‘skinny jeans’.

My job is simple – f**k people up in the gym.


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