Why You Don’t Need A Thigh Gap

thigh gap

The thigh gap phenomenon comes from the same school of self-consciousness which causes so many women around the world to hate their physique.

The same selfie-obsessed idealists that don’t promote the idea of getting fit, but of getting “skinny.”

Let me tell you something, girls.

“Skinny” can fuck off.

And I say that from both a trainer’s point of view, and from a man’s point of view.

I’ve always had a real problem with the part of pop culture which encourages young women to believe that they are sub-par human beings if they are not a size zero.

Much like the recent A4 waist craze, it’s total bullshit.

But when they focus on telling people to try obtaining results which are actually pretty damn unobtainableI’ll explain – it crosses the line.

thigh gap

You see, every so often I am contacted by ladies who are becoming obsessed with searching how to train in the gym to achieve a thigh gap.

Emails like this one:

“Hey Russ,

All my friends have thigh gaps and I don’t. I feel so inadequate. I’m size 10 and for the last year I’ve been so desperate to get a thigh gap – it’s all I go to the gym for.

My friends are always posting pictures of themselves in leggings and getting thumbs up from all of their followers, and saying jokes because my legs are bigger.

Is there an exercise I can do just specifically to get a thigh gap?”


Actually, this exercise is for your so-called friends.

  • put away your phone
  • look at yourself in the mirror
  • give yourself a thumbs down

A Trainer’s Responsibility

The email above also went into detail about how trainers at her local gym would try to give her exercises to develop her thigh gap.

And, of course, none of them had worked so far.

To me, this represents a big problem.

Trainers need to have the balls to stand up and do something in these situations.

You’re “training someone” to achieve a thigh gap?!

Seeing as it’s a shape only achieved through either genetics – hip bone placement – or malnutrition, please feel free to get in touch with me and enlighten me on your methods.

why you don't need a thigh gap

Why You Don’t Need A Thigh Gap

Bullying is bullying, and I can’t stand it.

Inadequate? You couldn’t be further from the truth.

A thigh gap is actually a sign of somebody with undertrained quads, and it’s as simple as that.

It’s not something to envy. It’s not an achievement. It’s not a sign of how fit somebody is.

Yet, somehow, it became trendy.

I find it bizarre that some women will openly put others down because they have a gap between their thighs and the other woman doesn’t. Is that for real?

thigh gap

As reported in the Washington Post, over the last few years this bogus trend has risen to the point where it’s driven many ladies to develop eating disorders.

Some ladies are born this way and naturally have quite skinny legs their whole life.

Others, on the other hand, are beaten down by their friends and the magazines they read into believing they are less of a woman, to the stage of starving themselves until their legs resemble tooth picks.

And this is a superior look how?

Because a magazine says it is?


Skinny does not mean fit, nor does it mean healthy.

thigh gap

Be Strong, Not Skinny

Remember when Kate Moss proclaimed “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”?

Skinny feels tired all the time.

Skinny feels weak.

Skinny feels like you could fall down a fucking drain unless you walk over it sideways.

Fuck skinny and fuck everyone who tells you that it’s a sign of fitness.

You want to focus on achieving a physique that is actually admirable and requires hard work?

Train to get strong, not skinny.

Because feeling comfortable in your own skin “tastes better than skinny feels”.

thigh gap

Make no mistake about it, strong is the new sexy.

Focus on building your strength and fitness through hard training on a regular basis – not by pandering to an audience which strive to make you feel inadequate.

Besides, owning some thicker, fuller thighs will present a range of opportunities you simply couldn’t do otherwise.

You’ll be able to actually fill a pair of jeans.

You’ll be able to catch cereal as it drops from your spoon.

You’ll be able to out-lift your partner in the barbell squat.

Like I said earlier, girls, “skinny” can fuck off.

thigh gap

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