Here are the current top choices in the fat burner category.

“I’ve never really recommended fat burners. They are simply not powerful enough to perform as advertised due to the fact that caffeine is – by far – the main ingredient and has been shown to have only slight fat burning capabilities. Instead, what you usually get is a great energy supplement, nothing more. However, for those who really want to use fat burner supplements, the ones below are my recommendations.” – Russ

grenade thermo detonator

1. Grenade Thermo Detonator

Grenade Thermo Detonator has ruled the fat burner marketplace for almost 5 years.

And rightly so.

As far as legal fat burning ingredients go, it’s hit the nail on the head with it’s formula and pretty much taken natural fat burner supplements as far as they can go.

Plus, the tub is a grenade.

The formula is packed with ingredients which have been shown to boost fat burning, but make no mistake, the key player here is caffeine. Once your body has adapted to it, I’d begin working down your consumption until you are completely off the product, then start with a half serving on your next run.

This will give you superior results and a better experience than going all in then all out.

Much has been made of the thermogenic effects of caffeine, but don’t be fooled.

It won’t “melt fat” like the headlines claim.

The main benefit is that it’ll increase your focus and energy levels, creating an environment for your train harder and faster. Those two things will have a better effect on your fat loss.

Nutrition breakdown per serving:

  • 225mg caffeine
  • 500mg green tea extract
  • 420mg bitter orange peel extract
  • 200mg cayenne
  • 25mg phenylalanine
  • 10mg green coffee

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fat burner

2. Myprotein Caffeine Pro

Caffeine is the star ingredient in any fat burner.

As such, many of my clients choose to cut out the middle man and order pure caffeine.

The “trick” is to use it only when required for maximum effectiveness, because once adaptation to a dosage level has occurred the only real option is to either increase – never go above 500mg/day for safety reasons – or begin reducing dosage until it has been completely removed from your diet for a few weeks, before restarting at a minimal level and working back up.

Nutrition breakdown per serving:

  • 200mg caffeine

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That wraps up my current fat burner recommendations.

Choose one and get to work.

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