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best supplements to gain muscleThe world of supplements is one which is dominated by hype, and it’s easy to get lost.

You start out wanting to build some muscle and, before you know it, you’re spending half of your monthly budget on things you don’t know the purpose of and popping so many pills on the way to the gym you feel like a drugs mule.

Make no mistake, supplements are useful but they should not dominate your fitness routine.

But which ones work, and which ones are nonsense?

My clients keep it simple, sticking only to the proven essentials.

I regularly put supplements under the microscope in my harsh Russ Rating supplement reviews on the blog, but I’ve never actually listed the full range of products my male and female clients use – until now.

Each category will list the top 3 supplements based on their performance, value and (if available) their rating under my review system.

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I’ve also compiled a few pages detailing the combination of supplements my clients use when training for specific goals.

  • Train to build muscle
  • Train to gain size (hard gainer)
  • Train to lose fat
  • Train to build strength

I hope you find these pages helpful. As I’m regularly sent supplements to put under the microscope, these pages are regularly updated to reflect my current top choices.

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