Protein Dynamix Dynapro Anytime Review

A few whey protein products stand at the top of the mountain.

In this exclusive Protein Dynamix Dynapro Anytime review, we’ll see if the latest offering from Protein Dynamix has what it takes to join the likes of Optimum Nutrition as “kings” of the genre.

In the battle to be the “best” whey protein supplement on the market, a number of things need to be taken into consideration.

  • price
  • formula
  • servings per container

Note that I never judge a supplement on taste or mixability, as I believe these factors are largely subjective to the individual.

So let’s put Protein Dynamix Dynapro Anytime through the deliberately harsh Russ Rating score-o-meter and see how it fares in comparison to it’s rivals…

Protein Dynamix Dynapro Anytime Review

To be considered a truly great whey protein, a product must tick all of the boxes above.

And to date, only a few have achieved such a feat.

Heck, the highest rated supplement on this website is still H2N Nutrition Diet Whey, and no product has received the maximum five star rating yet.

The first thing on the agenda here is the formula.

Looking at the ingredients list, below, you can see that Dynapro Anytime is a very high quality supplement.

protein dynamix dynapro anytime nutrition

Much hype has been made of the best in class protein content – providing a massive 86% protein per serving, which is higher than any other leading brand I can think of – but it’s not the size, it’s what you do with it.. right?

Well, consisting of a blend of whey protein isolate, whey concentrate and hydrolised whey isolate, they aren’t messing around here.

Like most whey protein supplements, it uses a proprietary blend which we are unable to see.

This is nothing new of course, but it’s a tactic I wish more companies would move away from. This means that although the product contains the three forms of whey above, we cannot see the dosages. There’s no way of telling if the hydrolised whey isolate plays a significant or very minor role in the final formula.

What we can tell from the formula, however, is that the main ingredient is whey protein isolate.

Throw in a little extra added leucine for good measure and this becomes a really great product for anyone training to build lean muscle.

Further still, it contains just 1.6 grams of carbohydrates per serving.

That’s incredibly low, making it a top choice for those following a low carb diet.

Now, I know, you may be looking at the tub now and wondering why it claims to have just 0.5 grams of carbs per serving. However, the new trend in the supplement industry appears to be to list carbohydrates and fibre as two separate entities.

Of course, this is nonsense, as fibre is derived from carbohydrates.

Fat is also very low at just 0.4 grams which, even for a protein supplement, is on the very low end of the scale.

Like I say, they weren’t just throwing ingredients around to create a run-of-the-mill product here, they’ve put together a very useful formula.

protein dynamix dynapro anytime review

The Average

Of course, that’s not to say the formula here is “perfect”.

In a recent post, I showed you how studies suggest a blend of whey protein, egg protein and soy protein outperforms whey alone.

Despite being hailed as the next big thing in the supplement industry for a few years now, the jury is still out on whether the price hike between standard whey protein concentrate and whey isolates is truly justified.

Protein Dynamix are certainly not alone in this dilemma, of course, but £59.99 for a standard 2.25kg tub of protein is a price many would consider steep, considering that yields around a month’s supply.

So while the product itself is quite wonderful, this isn’t the protein for you if you’re on a budget.


The Final Verdict

Dynapro Anytime is a product which I was pleasantly surprised by.

After releasing their fairly average preworkout – read the review here – Protein Dynamix have now produced a supplement which deservedly ranks high in the whey protein category.

As you can see below, it comes out of the Russ Rating score-o-meter – which hates to give high scores – with a very respectable 4 stars!

Click here to check out the product on Protein Dynamix website.

protein dynamix dynapro anytime review

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