Protein Dynamix Dynamo Review


Not all preworkouts are created equal.

While some power your workout to new heights, others can leave you feeling as low as a big bootied female in a Snoop Dog music video.

Today’s Protein Dynamix Dynamo review will reveal exactly where it lands on a scale of awful-to-awesome.

This product is one I’ve looked forward to reviewing for a while, because Protein Dynamix are a company from my home nation, currently taking the UK supplement market by storm and releasing some very well received products in the last year or so.

Of course, they’ve not been put through the dreaded Russ Rating score-o-meter before..

Protein Dynamix Dynamo Review

The fitness marketplace is saturated with preworkouts.

And despite the fact that they all claim to be “the one”, it’s actually pretty hard to find one which delivers on all fronts.

One of the reasons for this is that it’s so easy for manufacturers to hide below-par formulas behind bogus phrases like “proprietary blend” and sell them at premium prices with ridiculous hype on the packaging.

Which brings us to Dynamo, from the folks at Protein Dynamix.

The first thing they need to be commended on is the fact that you won’t find either on their product.

No pictures of exploding biceps, no hidden ingredients, great job.

protein dynamix dynamo review

Of course, you’re not buying a preworkout for those reasons.

So how does the formula stack up?

Well, it has good points and bad points, and today I’ll focus on both in this section.

The great things here include an excellent caffeine dose of 275mg – this puts Dynamo right up at the top end of the scale for energy boosting preworkouts – and this is backed up further with a mighty 3g beta-alanine.

If you’re a preworkout newbie, it’s safe to say you won’t be feeling your face too much in this workout.

protein dynamix dynamo review

Then there’s the not-so-good..

Most notably, the often-seen combination of citrulline and argininein doses of 2.5g and 2g respectively – instead of just going straight ahead with a bigger dose of citrulline.

Why is this a big deal?

Well, arginine is a great substance for boosting muscular endurance which is why it’s a valuable addition to any preworkout supplement.

However, the body has difficulty actually breaking it down and using it.

Enter citrulline, looking like a white knight riding a shark-bear-horse with a bad look on it’s face. Once inside the bloostream, citrulline is converted into arginine, making it a better way of supplementing with arginine than arginine itself!

But, perhaps for cost purposes, manufacturers often choose to mix the two substances together, with only the preworkouts at the top end of the market going solely with a 5g+ dose of citrulline.

In Dynamo, our combo gives us a total of 4.5g citrulline/arginine, falling short of the dose which has been shown to be most effective for training purposes.

Betaine is a welcome addition – often overlooked, it has been shown to boost endurance and is very useful if your diet is short of beetroot which, let’s face it, most of us don’t eat.

We round out the formula with creatine nitrate.

Currently hyped as the shining star of the creatine world, creatine nitrate will “do the job” just as any other form of creatine, but no studies currently exist to compare it’s effectiveness against the likes of creatine monohydrate or creatine hcl.

Until that happens, it can’t possibly justify the hype which surrounded it for the last couple of years.

Before we move on to the final section of the review, where you’ll see how I scored it on my deliberately harsh Russ Rating score-o-meter – no product has ever received 5 stars to date – we must discuss another important factor. Price.

In a world populated with overpriced, below-par preworkout supplements, Protein Dynamix have produced a very decent product and made it available at far less cost than their contemporaries.

In my opinion, this is the saving grace of Dynamo and the reason many people will plump for it over it’s rivals.

And rightly so, given that you can pick up a full month’s supply for under £20.

protein dynamix dynamo

The Final Verdict

Okay, so my Protein Dynamix Dynamo review wouldn’t be complete until it went through the dreaded Russ Rating score-o-meter, right?

As you can see below, it’s been through and it came out the other side with a respectable 3 stars.

Dynamo won’t revolutionize the world of preworkouts, and it’s not the best formula on the market by any means, but what they have done here is focus on the ingredients give you the most bang for your buck.

Sure, caffeine and beta-alanine are very cheap, but they are also the ingredients in any preworkout which you are going to “feel” the most.

The main problem being, of course, that adaptation to each of these substances occurs at a faster rate than most other ingredients and you’ll probably find that you lose that “it blew my head off” feeling relatively quickly, and with most other ingredients either coming in slightly below the recommended clinical dosage, your main reason for sticking with this product long-term would be it’s price point.

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