Pre Jym 2.0 Review

T2. Aliens. Big Momma’s House 2.

Pre Jim 2.0 reviewAll represent rare instances of a sequel which doesn’t suck.

Ok. Maybe not that last one.

But when we’re talking supplements, sequels are usually a poor imitation of the original, thrown together when an ingredient gets flagged up or questioned.

Which brings us to Pre Jym 2.0, the brand new preworkout from Dr. Jim Stoppani.

Now, the original Pre Jym formula was great. I’d go as far as to call it one of my favourite preworkouts of all time. But how about it’s successor?

Today’s Pre Jym 2.0 review will give you the straight-up facts on whether this sequel joins the ranks of the elite, or belongs in the bargain basement. As usual, my deliberately harsh supplement rating system will pull no punches.

Pre Jym 2.0 UK

Not So 2.0

In case you don’t keep up to date with fitness industry shenanigans, Jim Stoppani recently broke off his contract with, the sole retailer of his Jym supplement line, and partnered with GNC.

I discussed this in my recent Pro Jym review, so give that a read if you want a catch up.

Basically, Jim is now releasing his supplements through GNC, while plan to keep on selling the original Jym products as their own line, meaning we now have TWO Jym product lines on the supplement market.


Pre Jym 2.0 Review

The above information is a very important thing to know when trying Pre Jym 2.0…

Because despite the name change and the snazzy new label design, what we see here is an almost identical formula to the original.

While the 2.0 suggests a “next generation” of Jym supplements, this is merely clever marketing.

Once we get under the hood of the product, what we are really getting is the same old same old, with the name merely altered to separate this product – and proclaim superiority – from confusion with the old Jym brand.

In fact, the only notable difference between the two formulas is the inclusion of huperzine-A in the new blend.

Huperzine-A is a nootropic alkaloid which is added to bodybuilding supplements to increase mental focus, although no significant research exists to document it’s effectiveness at doing so. It has, however, been shown to increase muscle contraction force, so that’s something. (1)

Is huperzine-A going to make or break your workout? Absolutely not.

The rest of the Pre Jym 2.0 formula still stands up, thankfully, meaning it is able to hold it’s own at the top end of the premium preworkout supplement market:

  • 2g creatine HCL
  • 6g citrulline malate
  • 2g beta-alanine
  • 3g leucine
  • 300mg caffeine

pre jym 2.0 review

The Final Verdict

There will primarily be two groups of people looking at Pre Jym 2.0.

Those looking for a great preworkout, and those trying to figure out if they should switch to this formula from the old Pre Jym supplement.

If you fall into the first group, you will find Pre Jym 2.0 to be a great preworkout supplement. I’m a big fan of the doctor and the work he has done in the supplement industry over the years. This product lives up to it’s billing.

In true Jim Stoppani style, it’s dosages have been clinically proven for increased workout performance and the label is very transparent – no hidden proprietary blends or suspect ingredients.

It deserves it’s place at the top of the preworkout marketplace.

If you’re a current Pre Jym user, you are really not missing anything “new and improved” here other than maybe the packaging. If you like green.

As such, Pre Jym 2.0 receives a very hard to achieve 4 star rating from my deliberately harsh supplement rating system. The fabled “5 stars” is lost due to the fact that I’m still a bit pissed the name hinted at a new and improved formula.

Order Pre Jym 2.0 from here for the best deal.

Pre Jym 2.0 review


1. Tang, Xi Can, et al. “Pharmacological profile of huperzine A, a novel acetylcholinesterase inhibitor from Chinese herb.” CNS Drug Reviews 5.3 (1999): 281-300.

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