Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA Train And Sustain Review


There are some companies out there who you just trust.

For years, Optimum Nutrition have been one of those.

And in today’s Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA Train And Sustain reviewthat’s a mouthful – you’ll see why.

When it comes to BCAA supplements, you can end up spending an awful lot of cash on products that provide nutrition values I’d describe as “basic at best”. So when the guys from Optimum Nutrition got in touch to ask if I’d use this product ahead of it’s UK launch and write a review, I was more than happy to oblige.

After all, the BCAA marketplace needs a product which raises the bar.

And I was hoping this was it.

But how high will is score on my harsh Russ-o-meter?

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA Train And Sustain Review

Optimum Nutrition are one of the few supplement manufacturers who you can generally bank on when they release a new product.

Gold Standard Whey is probably the world’s most well-known whey protein product, and that’s no mean feat.

But that doesn’t mean all of their releases hit the mark.

Their preworkout – here – was adequate in formula but unable to compete with any of the top products on today’s market.

But I’m pleased to say with the release of BCAA Train And Sustain they’ve registered a direct hit.

So much so, I’m happy to describe this as the best BCAA product I have ever used.

Packing a mighty 2.6 grams of leucine per serving, this is really top end stuff – particularly when compared to the likes of MyProtein BCAA at 2g or USN Amino Gro at just 1.7g per serving.

Here’s a snapshot of the complete nutrition breakdown:

train and sustain nutrition

The addition of vitamin C and magnesium is useful for aiding recovery.

Of course, one thing I’ve always maintained is that whether you need a BCAA supplement depends thoroughly upon your training and diet.

If you are partaking in a particularly rigorous training regimen, this is a good BCAA product to opt for.

I recently spoke with CrossFit athlete Jamie Headon, fresh from victory at the CrossFit French Throwdown 2016, who has been using BCAA Train And Sustain. He had this to say:

jamie headon crossfit

“The formulation is amazing for the high-intensity sport that I do, and knowing that I can support my muscle function due to the magnesium content.

The vitamin C in the product also means I can maintain my immune system, which is hugely important to me given the demands I place on my body during sessions.”

So how high does Optimum Nutrition BCAA Train And Sustain score on the dreaded Russ score-o-meter?

Let’s see..

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optimum nutrition gold standard bcaa train and sustain review

* this makes Train & Sustain the highest-rated BCAA product on the site to date.

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