Eat Breakfast To Burn 4x More Fat

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.

how to burn more caloriesAnd today I’m going to show you how it can help you to burn up to 4x more fat.

I’ll also explain how you can ramp up weight loss results while eating the exact same number of calories you eat right now.

But allow me to start by apologizing to you.

You have been misled.

Misled by “experts” who say you must starve yourself, drop your favorite foods and live on the treadmill in order to lose weight.

You ever known one of those guys?

“Eat nothing but lettuce… Do 2 hours per night on the treadmill… And don’t you dare eat that piece of cake…”

How infuriating is that guy?!

You certainly do not need to starve yourself to lose weight.

Today I’m going to show you the benefits of nutrient timing.

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How To Lose More Weight While Eating The Exact Same Calories

By timing your nutrients correctly, you can take fat loss up a notch without restricting any calories.

You read that correctly – by simply eating food at the “right time” you can minimize fat storage.

You see, there are several key scientific studies out there which show that our body utilizes nutrients more effectively earlier in the day.

This is a glorious time to consume a lot of of daily calories. It’s right up there with the post-workout anabolic window, in terms of it’s effectiveness!

Many of my clients – male and female – have been able to ramp up fat burning by simply altering their nutrient timing a little.

I first used this with a client after a 2008 study showed that subjects who ate a bigger breakfast were able to lose four times more weight than those who ate a small breakfast, despite eating more calories overall! (1)

Our levels of insulin and testosterone are highest during the morning, which could be a key factor, but there is another key reason which I’ll delve into later in this post. (2, 3, 4)

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for starting the muscle building process, while insulin acts as it’s ally, forcing nutrients and creatine into the muscle cells. I briefly discussed this in my recent post explaining the best time of day to workout.

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The Key Research

Don’t just take my word for it. I encourage you to do some research and grow your mind when it comes to building your best body.

Hey, at the very least, it’ll get you away from all the bogus ‘experts’ who preach outdated advice!

First let’s talk about the study which I mentioned above.

During a 2008 study, researchers put a group who consumed a high calorie, high protein diet up against a group who consumed a lower calorie, lower carb diet. Both groups were eating half of their daily calorie intake at breakfast, with the remaining half of their calories spread throughout the day. They noticed that the high calorie, high protein group lost four times more weight.

So they ate more food each day and lost considerably more body fat!

More studies have since confirmed the belief that the morning represents a second “golden muscle building window”.

This includes a 2013 trial first published in the International Journal of Obesity, which tracked over 400 individuals through a five month diet plan.

They noticed that the subjects who ate more of their calories later in the day lost significantly less weight. (5)

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Further research looked at two groups consuming the exact same 1400 calorie diet. The only difference being one group consumed half of their daily calories at breakfast and spreading the rest throughout their day, with the other half consuming half of their daily calories at dinner and spreading the rest throughout their day.

Again, those who ate the big breakfast lost more than twice as much weight. (6)

This is probably my favorite study on this subject, because it was so in depth and specific, it went on to further note that the ‘morning’ group lost more inches around their waist and had superior insulin function – meaning more energy in our muscle cells and less excess insulin for unnecessary fat storage.

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A Quick Word Of Warning

You’ll often hear bullshit statements such as “Don’t eat carbohydrates after 7 O’ Clock at night or it will be stored as fat!”

I don’t want you to go down that road.

You see, there is absolutely zero evidence to support statements like that.

Yet it’s something we often hear in celebrity magazines and ill-informed gym conversations.

In fact, that statement totally depends upon your lifestyle. If you’ve just pulled a 10 hour shift at your job are you going to deprive yourself of a good meal because “the clock says so”…?

Of course not.

You’d do more damage than good.

When it comes to food your body doesn’t care whether it’s six in the morning or nine in the evening. If it needs nutrients it just doesn’t care.

You see, while I believe a big breakfast sets you up for a great day this situation definitely has exceptions and needs to fit around your lifestyle.

The first issue here could arise if eating plenty of your daily calories earlier in the day makes you want to overeat at night. Studies suggest that it won’t, but one rule cannot be applied to everyone.

For those who do enjoy eating plenty of calories earlier in the day, I believe there is a more important factor at play than having higher levels of testosterone and insulin.

For me the real key element in using your breakfast to spike fat loss is the fact that we are generally much more active earlier in the day, and our body will make better use of the fuel we provide it with.

If you’re working a late shift then you’ll be most active at very different times of the day, so simply accomodate for that.

It’s important to also mention protein.

I’m a big believer that one of the reasons the group of participants in the 2008 study went on to lose more weight is due to the fact that they were consuming a higher protein breakfast. In doing so, the positive effect a higher protein diet would have a on metabolism would surely be a contributing factor.

So don’t just grab any old breakfast – opt for high protein choices.

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The Question Of IF

Finally, we need to discuss dieting methods which don’t fit around this type of eating.

One such method – and one which many of my clients have used – is intermittent fasting.

If your designated feeding window is in the evening, should you forego this and break your fast just so you can reap the rewards of a higher fat burning percentage during the day?


You see, intermittent fasting comes with it’s own set of benefits and rules to adhere to.

You may lose out on the effects discussed in this particular post, yes, but you’ll gain a whole range of different benefits which are specific to intermittent fasting.

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