My 10 Best Articles Of 2016

Rejoice, it’s 2017!

Russ Howe PTICelebrities are officially safe from death, and Toblerone have scrapped their new design.

Wait, that’s not how this works?

Anyway, regardless of the nightmare that was 2016 “in the real world”, 2016 was a pretty damn good year here on the blog.

I’m a one man operation (unless we count my kids, who help by bouncing on my head when I get writer’s block), my goals in 2016 were to bring up my blog readership to 2000 per month if possible, push the number of clients around the world using my workout plans over the 1000 mark (a thousand clients is a lot, I know), and to continue writing for popular fitness websites and magazines.

I’m really pleased that all three were achieved.

The blog readership actually hit that figure by April (currently around 7000+ per month), at last check there were 86,303 men and women smashing my free workout programs (W.T.F.) and it’s been another productive year of features as I try to grow my brand.

Here are my 10 most popular blogs of 2016. They all open in a new tab, so go click crazy.


1. HIIT Explained

When I first created the blog, I released a mammoth article which served as a “go to” reference guide to all things relating to high intensity interval training.

I wrote this piece because I notice a lot of people in gyms performing HIIT which doesn’t suit their training goals, so I wanted to provide my readers with one piece of content that answered all the relevant questions and helped you guys tailor your cardio routine perfectly for fat loss, endurance, or gains in explosive explosive strength.

I’m happy you all seemed to like it so much.

Over the course of the year, it consistently ranked near the top end of the popular posts chart and had the most views of any article released during 2016.

Interestingly, this is also the post which got me to change my writing style. More on that later.

Click here to read my HIIT article.


2. How To Get Bigger Arms

It ain’t the car you drive. It’s the size of the arms which hang out the window.

I’m full of training tips. I probably say them in my sleep.

So this article was designed to be a reference guide for my clients to use when they wanted to shake up their arm routine.

At the time of writing, I never realized how much it would catch on in the online world too, resulting in one of my most frequently-read articles of the year.

Click here to read it.


3. My Honest Opinion On Juice Plus+ & Herbalife

I had serious doubts about hitting the publish button on this one.

And rightly so, because within one day of the article going live on the site, I was contacted by handfuls of affiliates asking me to take my content down after “losing them sales” when potential victims clients saw my post.

With Juice Plus and Herbalife reps running wild over the social media scene with claims of their “cleanse” pack curing cancer and losing ridiculous amounts of weight, I felt the time was right to speak up and I did so with this very brutal piece of content which systematically disassembled all of the bogus claims made on the packaging, as well as the authority of said “coaches”.

To this day, I stand by every word.

The only way Juice Plus could suck harder is if you placed vacuum in the hands of a sales rep.

Click here to read the full article.

how to lose weight

4. 10 Weight Loss Tips That Fucking Work

What’s better than 10 weight loss tips that work?

10 weight loss tips that fucking work.

Yes, 2016 was the year that I realized you guys seem to like it when I take the same blunt approach I use with clients in the gym, and apply it here on the blog.

I’m pretty happy with this piece, as it ranks so highly despite only being released at the end of October.

Click here to read it.

Insanity vs HIIT

5. Insanity Vs HIIT – Which Is Better For Fat Loss?

A spin-off topic which caught my eye when I was writing the HIIT piece, was to compare the form of HIIT I eventually recommended as ‘optimal’ for fat loss against other popular forms of training.

The first in this series was Insanity.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the Insanity program. If not, you’re probably familiar with the annoying late-night sell-a-thons which take over television in the early hours of the morning.

When I originally released this piece it was met with a fair amount of butthurt by Insanity diehards (all publicity is good publicity), but the inclusion of solid evidence to support my stance left no room for doubt, and this piece of content continued to be popular throughout the year, showing me that people are not only looking for info on cardio to lose weight, but which type of cardio.

Click here to read the full article.


6. CT Fletcher Sidewalk Kraka Review

Remember when I said I changed my writing style in 2016?

This was one of the first articles I released after doing so.

You see, in the past I was advised to keep my articles short and snappy, mention relevant keywords, etc. This was done of the sake of Google rankings. It’s part of the online world I never really cared for, because I felt a bit shackled by the restrictions in that I couldn’t teach with as much depth as I would with a client who was in front of me in the gym.

Thankfully, 2016 was the year Google got smarter.

Instead of looking for keywords, it started to prefer great content. That I can do.

You’ll now see that many of my articles cross the 2000 word marker, so when I tackle a topic I can really go to town and provide as much depth as possible.

This review of CT Fletcher’s new preworkout, the aptly titled Sidewalk Kraka, I picked apart every aspect of the product’s ingredient list. It received a lot of social media shares when released, CT himself even recommending the piece to his 1 million+ followers as the definitive review of his product.

Read that here.

bcaa before fasted cardio

7. Do You Need BCAA’s Before Fasted Cardio?

For decades, bodybuilders have been using BCAA’s before fasted cardio to preserve muscle loss during early morning cardio.

This myth was perpetrated by muscle building magazines, and the actual muscle lost during fasted cardio isn’t really something you need to be concerned about unless your cardio workout resembles that of a marathon runner.

However, in this article I wanted to explain that by taking BCAA’s before fasted cardio, we are no longer training fasted.

Because, as the name implies, fasted means fasted.

Click here to read the article.


8. Why You Should Eat Haribo After The Gym

A golden oldie.

Originally published on my blog back in 2014, this article was republished earlier in the year when I restarted the site and, understandably, it once again received it’s fair share of attention. Because Haribo.

In the article, I explained why 90% of my clients eat Haribo Gummy Bears (Gold Bears in the UK) after every weights workout.

In case you’re wondering, the other 10% simply don’t like jellies. The crazy people.

Click here to read the article.

Is Lucozade better than water

9. Lucozade Is Better Than Water. At Making You Fat.

2016 was the year energy drinks went into overload, with many of us physically unable to go to the gym without a can of luminous rocket fuel.

While taking aim at cheap, sugar-filled supermarket drinks is easy, there is one energy drink which has dominated the scene for years: Lucozade.

Lucozade has somehow fooled people into tagging it as a health drink or, in the ad which tipped me over the brink of destruction, “better than water.”

No wonder it’s bright orange.

It’s probably fucking embarrassed.

Click here to read my take on Lucozade vs Water.

intermittent fasting for fat loss

10. Intermittent Fasting For Fat Loss

While fad diets and crazy gimmicks come and go, there are a few time-tested bodybuilding principles that just flat-out work.

Intermittent fasting is one of them.

In this post, I put together a piece of content explaining why many of my clients (not to mention myself) have used IF to get leaner, and detailing the benefits and drawbacks you can expect to encounter if you apply it to your diet regime.

Click here to read my guide to IF.

fitness tips

And that brings me to the end of this year’s recap.

This time next year, I’ll be a father of 3 boys (he’s literally being born tomorrow), and a year wiser older. Gimme your best shot, 2017.

If you enjoyed this article, or just my blog in general, thanks for your continued support and, as ever, all I ask is that you are kind enough to share it with others.

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