Love Life Supplements Primal Power Whey Review

Not all action movies are created equal.

primal power whey reviewFor every Rocky IV, there’s a Rocky V.

And for every Die Hard, there’s a Total Recall remake with Colin Farrell playing Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The same can be said for the supplement industry – not all whey protein supplements are created equal.

While some will fit effortlessly into your diet to support your training needs, there are countless others that will have your toilet looking like it took a shotgun blast to the face.

Which brings me nicely to my Love Life Supplements Primal Power Whey review.

I recently posted a review for the same company’s amino acid product, Essential Aminos, and earlier this month they got back to me with a request for their primary whey protein contender to be put through my deliberately harsh supplement rating system..

Gluttons for punishment?

Let’s find out.

primal power whey review

Love Life Supplements Primal Power Whey Review

A great tasting product, Primal Power Whey is unique both in it’s ingredients and those who will benefit from it’s supplementation.


It’s all about the macros.

Take a look at the nutritional breakdown for one serving of LLS Primal Power Whey:

love life supplements primal power whey protein nutrition

As you can see above, you’re getting:

  • 20.7g protein
  • 10.2g fat
  • 4.7g carbohydrates

The first thing that springs out of the screen should be the massive serving of fat included in each shake.

10.2 grams?! I don’t believe I’ve come across another supplement in the industry which can boast such a figure, but when we also take into consideration that this consists of top quality fat in the form of MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides), it becomes clear that LLS aren’t messing around with their formula.

In fact, it caters to a part of the fitness market which often struggles to find supplements to match their needs – people who generally have difficulty hitting their daily fat target via food, and those on high fat diets, such as the many gym goers who follow paleo.

It’s a unique approach to say the least.

The primary source of whey is good old whey concentrate (grass fed, no less).

Nothing wrong with that, and if you read my supplement reviews you’ll know that I’m a big fan of using concentrate over the needlessly hyped isolates and hydrolized isolates which soak up most of the market nowadays.

In terms of taste, it’s delicious. In fact, I drink one as I write this review for you.

Don’t believe me?

primal power whey nutrition
Fuck you.

The amount of protein in each serving also hits the nail bang on the head.

I recently released a video¬†discussing how consuming 20 grams of protein after a workout yields almost as much muscle protein synthesis (muscle building) as 40 grams, and at 20.7 grams of protein per serving, they’ve hit the nil on the head in terms of dosage for providing the maximum anabolic response.

We also see some digestive enzymes thrown in to aid absorption of the product, which you’ll find useful if you’re not used to consuming MCT’s in such a big dosage.

I’m big on protein-per-serving ratio when it comes to whey protein supplements, but I feel I cannot apply this rule to Primal Power Whey in today’s review, as the ratio of protein in each serving (48%, by the way) is driven down to accommodate a higher fat intake, which is a key factor in the overall product and the audience it is built for.

Unlike a product such as, say, Pro Jym, which makes bold claims of being the world’s best protein supplement despite offering a protein-per-serving ratio of just 69% to make room for it’s abundance of unnecessary creamers and fillers.

I recently savaged that product in a review, which you can read here.

The addition of those MCT’s, by the way, will give you a ridiculous energy boost after each shake.

I experienced that first-hand during my trial, as did a female client of mine who I instructed to trial the product for the purposes of this review.

“I usually use Myprotein Impact whey. It’s a decent supplement, but Russ recommended I try Primal Power whey because I never hit my daily fat targets through food. I don’t think I’ll be going back to my old whey, I love the energy boost and it’s a convenience thing for me, I can get much closer to my fat target each day without having to eat foods I just don’t like.”

primal power whey review

The Drawbacks

Of course, no product is perfect for everyone. And Primal Power Whey is no different.

If you are on a low carb diet, you will find this product useful.

Likewise, the high fat content make this the one of best whey protein supplements for the paleo diet.

But if you are training without the situations listed above? You’ll probably find that you still need another whey protein supplement to use alongside this one.

That’s because, at 10.2 grams of fat per serving, it’s quite easy to go over your daily fat targets when you combine, say, 3 shakes per day alongside your food intake.

In that situation, I recommend having a secondary whey protein supplement to use as your regular shake. Because of the energy boosting effects of Primal Power Whey, I’d use that before training as your MCT’s will set you off to the gym like a rocket powered midget with a sugar rush.

love life supplements primal whey review

A Beautiful Box Of Muscle

I end today’s review with a massive thumbs up for design.

I often make jokes about the packaging of supplements which follow the bodybuilding trend of florescent tubs with ‘extreme anabolic gainzzzz’ framed with pictures of equally florescent guys who wear shades in the gym.

While I don’t really consider design to be a hugely important factor in a supplement review, in the case of Primal Power Whey I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the superiority it has over it’s competitors in this category, thanks to its clean and simple approach.

Because it’s beautiful.

Thumbs up to whomever designed this piece of magnificence.

best whey protein for paleo

Primal Power Whey Review – Final Verdict

All in all, Love Life Supplements have hit the mark with Primal Power Whey and I consider it to be another top product in an increasingly promising line-up.

It’s a product I’ll happily use again.

Price-wise, you’re looking at ¬£29.95 for a 35 serving tub, which is a fairly normal price for a top quality whey protein supplement.

Whether you use it should depend upon if your training goals fit into one of the categories I described above, but anyone who does give this product a try should expect to be met with a whey protein supplement that is at the top of its game.

As such, it receives a 4 star rating (the joint highest rating of any whey I’ve reviewed to date).

Go here if you wish to check out the product.

love life supplements primal power whey protein review

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