Kettlebells Vs Dumbbells – Which Is Better?

kettlebells vs dumbbells

Today’s battle features two giants of the gym.

It’s kettlebells vs dumbbells – which is better?

But before we get stuck in, I need to tell you something.

I have always used both within my training plans, as do the majority of my clients.

That’s because they are both proven methods for building a leaner, stronger body.

But check out this email from Rachel, one of the thousands of free members here at

“Hey Russ,
 So recently started lifting weights for the first time and I’ve been happy with my progress.

But this guy I know keeps telling me that whatever strength gains I make with barbells and dumbbells, he could get me in half the time with kettlebells.

It’s kinda starting to grate on me, like he’s belittling the progress that I’m really proud to have achieved.

So I wanted to ask you, putting kettlebells vs dumbbells, are they really as superior as he is saying?”

kettlebells vs dumbbells

Don’t Be That Guy

I’ve helped some of my clients to get into their best ever shape with the use of kettlebell training, but there is one guy at the gym that I really cannot stand.

You may have encountered this guy before, too.

He has a tendency to recommend his own favourite tool as the way everyone should train.

This could be anything from kettlebells, to Insanity, dumbbells, to running, to crossfit, etc.

So the first thing I want to point out is that any trainer who recommends you only use one specific form of training is not worth your money guys.

They’re already limiting your potential with their closed-mindedness.

Strength gains are strength gains whether they were achieved with a bar or a bell.

You should be damn proud of them.

kettlebells vs dumbbells

Old School Vs Old School

Despite becoming trendy in the last ten years, kettlebells have been around a lot longer than that.

In fact, their existence can be traced back throughout hundreds of years to Russia, where they also have a long history with the military.

There are some fascinating studies on this subject, the problem being that most people simply don’t know where to look for them.

So a “battle” that would once have been the subject of endless personal opinions – the free weights guy saying free weights will give you more strength, the kettlebell guy saying kettlebells will give you more strength – can now be ended.

dumbbells vs kettlebells

Kettlebells Vs Dumbbells

Let’s look at some science.

One of the things you’ll often hear kettlebell fans saying is that “due to the explosive nature of most of the exercises, kettlebells will build your strength better than any other piece of training kit.”

So, in 2012, researchers from California State University, Fullerton, looked into this topic with an extensive study pitting kettlebells vs dumbbells for pure strength gains. (1)

The winner?

Surprisingly, dumbbells.

The team of researchers compared a kettlebell group using a 16kg kettlebell to perform a six week routine of goblet squats, accelerated swings and kettlebell swings and a free weight group using 80% of their one rep max for high pulls, squats and power clean.

As you can probably already see, these exercises were each chosen because of how closely they resemble their opposite numbers.

The results, published in the Journal Of Strength And Conditioning Research in 2012, showed that the free weight group increased their strength significantly more than the kettlebell group.

kettlebells vs dumbbells

This included increasing their one rep max on squat by 15% compared to the kettlebell swing group increasing their squat strength by just 5%.

Power cleans increased both strength – by 10% – and vertical leap – by 4% – for the free weight group compared to the kettlebell group’s 4% and 1% increases.

kettlebells vs dumbbells

Take Home Points

Let’s get something straight:

Kettlebells are awesome.

In fact, one of my favorite exercises is kettlebell swings and I credit that with getting some of my clients into their best ever shape.

But dumbbells win when it comes to increasing strength.

dumbbells vs kettlebells

And for anyone to suggest choosing purely one form of training – any one form – as the only way to train, well, that is the sign of a poor trainer with a closed mind and limited abilities.

In order to build your best body, you must take various aspects of different forms of training and combine the things which work for us.

There is no “one system fits all” – otherwise we’d all be doing the same training program, and my job as a trainer would be fucking easy.

Take a look at how many full routines are in my website, all built around different goals, and you’ll see what I mean.

A varied, experimental approach is the best way to create a training routine which you really enjoy and, of course, brings you results. So instead of a blinkered kettlebells vs dumbbells approach, think more kettlebells and dumbbells.

Heck, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, machines, squat racks, Smith machines – yes, despite the fact that clueless broscientists like to hate on them – all of them are useful tools which have a place in my gym.

kettlebells vs dumbbells

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1. Otto, W. H., et al. “Effects Of Weightlifting Vs. Kettlebell Training On Vertical Jump, Strength, And Body Composition.” J Strength Cond Res. 2012 May;26(5):1199-202

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