IronMaxx 100% Whey Protein Review

From Audi to penalty shoot outs, Germans are known for their efficiency.

ironmaxx-100-whey-protein-reviewBut how about building muscle?

Today’s IronMaxx 100% whey protein review will see if the lads from Deutschland have what it takes to hang with the big boys in the whey protein market.

I’ll run through the quality of the product and put it through my deliberately harsh Russ Rating system to see whether it can make it into my top recommended supplements list or not.

Many supplements have tried and failed to score big on my supplement rating system, with certain manufacturers probably ruing ever asking me to do a review in the first place when I called them out on sub-par ingredients and fillers, so when a supplement company reaches out knowing how honest harsh I can be and asks for a review it signals a company who believe in their products 100%.

And rightly so.

As always, you’ll get my raw no-nonsense judgement.

Before I begin today’s review, special mention must be given to whoever at IronMaxx came up with their XXL scoop. Never again will you need to dig in the tub and get whey under your fingernails.


Euro Gains

Notice at the top of today’s article I said whey protein market, not supplement industry.

Because anyone who’s used supplements for a few years will probably already know of IronMaxx.

They’re an established European brand and have been popping out reliable products since way back in 2004.

Sure, they’ll never top the trendy list thanks to their fondness to slip back into 1980’s cheese-fests when it comes to promoting new products – see below for reference – but as far as the supplement industry goes they’ve paid their dues and earned the right to call themselves a solid, trustworthy supplement manufacturer in an industry full of sharks.

ironmaxx 100 whey review

IronMaxx 100% Whey Protein Review

As with all of my reviews, for the last 4 weeks I made IronMaxx 100% whey protein my main protein supplement, alongside my weight training routine and diet.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients per 50g serving:

  • 38g protein
  • 3g fat
  • 3g carbohydrates

Pretty impressive.

With such a high protein content per serving while keeping both fat and carbohydrates so low, this makes a great choice for anyone training for fat lossyes, despite it’s over-the-top bodybuilding-style presentation, this makes for a good addition to a weight loss diet.

Like I mentioned in my recent Pro Jym review, you are buying a whey protein supplement because you want protein. Not carbohydrates, not fat, not sweeteners and not thickeners. So you should always look for products which can provide around 80% protein per serving.

You’d be surprised how many top brand protein supplements fail to achieve this. Pro Jym, for one, came in at a lowly 69%.

Iron Maxx whey tips the scales at a good 77% protein-per-serving.

ironmaxx 100 whey protein nutrition

Sure, the main ingredient in the formula is plain old whey protein concentrate, and the failure to add any other protein source (such as whey isolate or egg) lets it down a little, while the 26 flavors may seem a bit overkillkiwi yogurt, anyone?! – but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a pretty solid whey protein supplement.

I don’t usually mention flavor, as it’s so subjective to the individual, but in this particular case I wanted to make a rare exception.

This is one of the nicest whey protein supplements I have ever used.

For a moment, I felt I was adrift on a raft tipping over the edge of a chocolate waterfall, defying the fall with nothing more than a manly yell while digging my quads into the river bed.

iron maxx 100 whey protein review

Russ Rating

IronMaxx 100% whey protein is a good, straightforward supplement which lives up to it’s German stereotype.

The formula is solid. The ingredients are basic yet effective. And the taste is good.

You can almost imagine an engineer in a lab coat inspecting the latest batch, “Bosh. Job done.”

In a supplement industry which likes to over-complicate every-fucking-thing in a bid to sound impressive and/or make unproven ingredients sound more influential than the available body of scientific research suggests, there’s something refreshing and trusting in Iron Maxx’s old school insistence upon producing a straight-ahead product that just gets the fucking job done.

The result is a respectable 3.5 star rating.

Pick it up from here.

ironmaxx 100 whey protein review


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