I Hate Being Fat

I hate being fat

I tried to sugarcoat it.

But in the end, the title of this article says it all – I hate being fat.

This was the subject line of an email I received from website member Sarah, who went on to explain how she’d been ridiculed about her weight over the years:

“Hey Russ,

I’ve been trying to lose weight for years, and I’m determined that with the help of your online programs this is going to be the time that I actually achieve success.

However, every time I try to lose weight I keep quitting.

This tends to occur because my weight is a constant family joke. I’ve always hated being fat and I get put down all of the time because I look like a whale, they¬†¬†always make fun, eventually it grinds me down and I always quit.”

I have no time for people who put someone – let alone a member of their own family – down for trying to make a positive change. So you get a video.

Video Answer

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