Train Arms After Legs For More Growth

So you’ve been trying to learn how to get bigger arms for what seems like a lifetime.

You’ve tried everything.

You’ve tried doing a million reps per workout.

You’ve tried doing five reps as heavy as possible.

You’ve even tried smearing your biceps in a unique combination of whey protein and baby oil.

You know.. Normal stuff..

But today you’re going to learn something new, as I show you why training your arms after a leg workout will propel even the most stubborn “hard gainer” to new results.

This is a technique many of my clients have used over the years, and it’s something I’ve come to call the growth hormone hack.

how to get bigger arms

How To Get Bigger Arms With The Growth Hormone Hack

You may have heard the phrase:

“If you want bigger arms, train your legs.”

It’s often quoted in gyms.

But while the reason behind this quote is actually a myth – I’ll explain – it does put you on the right track for muscle growth.

You see, initially it was believed that training legs would provide a spike in key muscle building hormones – like testosterone and growth hormone – so huge that it would benefit every other muscle, prompting the belief that if you train legs you’ll find it much easier to get bigger all over.

However, this is not true.

While there is indeed a spike in growth hormone – more on that in a moment – it’s nowhere near big or long enough to carry over to our upcoming workouts in the days that follow.

But there is one key area of the growth hormone spike which 99% of guys fail to realize.

Although it is not as long as first theorized, that growth hormone spike does exist.

And it is significant.

The trick is to make the most of it while it lasts.

Following a tough leg workout you have a window of roughly 30 minutes where your body will elevate growth hormone release, thanks to massive multi-joint exercises such as the barbell squat, front squat and/or deadlift, which are typically performed on leg day.

During this period, smash your weak point and see what happens.


Trust Science

In fact, let’s take a look at what did happen when researchers from Lillehammer University College, Norway, put this theory to the test.

During a 2011 study, a team of researchers trialed this method for 11 weeks to see if they could promote more muscle growth in the biceps of trainees by using the technique which my clients have come to call the “growth hormone hack.” (1)

To put it to the test, the group trained each arm twice per week, the only difference being that their right arm was trained after a leg workout, whereas the left arm was trained on a different day.

They discovered a number of quite interesting things:

  • subjects were able to pack significantly more lean muscle to their right biceps during the course of the 11 week trial
  • they also recorded a slightly higher one rep maxcable concentration curl was used for this – using the same technique.

how to get bigger arms

How To Get Even More Bang For Your Buck

I recently wrote about this technique for Men’s Fitness magazine.

And one of the things I was keen to mention in that article is to always ensure that you are training your arms with weights which cause muscle failure.

You see, while you don’t need a full workout after your leg session – because who’s got time for that? – you can stimulate the maximum possible anabolic response by hitting your arms with a mini-workout that causes your biceps and triceps to reach failure.

I’ll give you a sample routine to use in just a moment.

That’s because, as well as the many benefits to the growth hormone hack itself, you’ll simultaneously be tapping into the wealth of benefits training to failure has to offer.

One study showed that training a muscle with a weight which causes failure – as opposed to a weight which you can comfortably handlecan increase lean muscle growth by a staggering 60%. (2)

Click here to read more about training to failure.


How To Use This Knowledge

The research above should have you brimming with excitement for your next leg workout.

And rightly so.

This is something I’ve used with thousands of male and female clients in the gym, and it’s also featured in several of my online workout routines, such as one of my most┬ápopular plans – Biceps Boom.

Here’s a sample routine to use after your next leg session:

  • EZ-bar Skullcrusher x8 – superset – DB Hammer Curl x8 (3 sets)
  • Triceps Pushdown x12 – superset – Cable curl x12 (3 sets)
how to get bigger arms
Action movie star Adam Baroni blasts through a set during a recent training session.

And finally, it gets even better.

Although this study focused on biceps, the researchers concluded that they saw no reason why this technique wouldn’t initiate the same response in targeting any other small muscle group, too.

So if a different area represents your weak point – such as your traps, lats or shoulders – simply restructure the concept above and apply it.


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1. Ronnestad, B. R., et al. “Physiological elevation of endogenous hormones results in superior strength training adaptation.” Eur J Appl Physiol. 2011 Sep;111(9):2249-59.

2. Burd, N. A., et al. “Low-load high volume resistance exercises stimulates muscle protein synthesis more than high-load low volume resistance exercise in young men.” PlosOne 5(8): E12033, 2010.

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