How To Burn More Calories – 60% More, In Fact

If you’re trying to burn more calories in the gym then you’ll enjoy today’s post, as I’m going to show you a technique which helped a client increase her calorie burn by a massive 60% in every workout.

how to burn more calories in the gymYou read that correctly.

And no, it’s not “poke an angry tiger”.

Imagine what you could do with a 60% greater calorific burn each time you hit the gym.

Maybe you could go write that novel. Maybe you could climb Everest. At the very least, you could tell that irritating parent in the schoolyard who keeps trying to sell you Herbalife to fuck right off.

This is a technique which many of my clients revert back to whenever they are trying to get leaner and it will also provide you with some truly epic, all-out war, Rocky-style workouts.

It’s all about controlled chaos.

Since incorporating the various techniques Russ recommended, like cardioacceleration and dropsets, my typical calorie burn per session is around 850. Previously, a good day would be 500 for me. I burn more fat and have more fun! – Stacey

how to burn more calories

Weight A Minute…

When people think about training for fat loss they usually automatically think cardio. This is bullshit.

The first thing I did with the client in question is change her workouts to mainly weights-orientated. I did this because lifting weights is more fun, and more fun = more sustainable.

The second thing we did is utilize a goldmine of results that most people completely overlook – the mid-set rest period.

Whenever someone approaches me in the gym asking for tips on how to burn more calories per workout, these tips are gradually implemented, the trick is finding the ones which the client enjoys the most. The result is usually a sweaty mess, closely resembling the first time Rocky tried to beat Mr T.

how to burn more calories

So, if you want a different challenge in your quest to burn more fat, I want you to try using your resistance training workouts as your cardio for the next few weeks. This is something I call H.I.R.T. (high intensity resistance training) and it’s the style of training featured in many of my free workouts on the blog here.

You probably already use weights (if not, you should start), but the key to this is the intensity at which you work. You see, most people do a set on a machine and then post selfies to Facebook for 5 minutes.

If fat loss is your goal, this is not what you want to be doing.

Instead, set your rest period to no more than 20-30 seconds and you will notice a significant increase in productivity.

Further still, ditch the rest completely on some exercises and use techniques like supersets and dropsets, or perform some form of cardiovascular activity for 30 seconds between your sets. This is called cardio acceleration and it’s a fantastic way to boost your fat burn as well as squeeze a good cardio session into your gym time without dedicating any time to the treadmill.

Exercises such as step ups, squats or lunges work very well, just make sure the cardio activity isn’t targeted towards the muscle you’re hitting in your sets, so it can recover.

Basically, put your damn phone down and keep working hard!

how to burn more calories
Team GB athlete Amanda Lightfoot smashes a HIIT workout at the gym recently.

Iron Will Not Lie To You

Everywhere you turn in the gym you’ll see people doing endless cardio workouts, or sticking to the old myth of really high reps with really light weights.

I encourage you to go in the opposite route, your body will thank you for it.

You’ll also get leaner and fitter in the process.

If you can add just 5lbs of lean muscle, you will build your metabolic rate and burn on average 300 more calories per day! So not only will you burn more calories in the gym, you’ll continue to burn calories at an accelerated rate outside of the gym as well, due to your stronger metabolism.

Warning though:

When you do H.I.R.T. right, it’s tough! But nothing in life worth having isn’t tough! A good intro to this style of training is my Make Her Sweat training plan, which you can use for free here.

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