How To Build Muscle – 5 Golden Tips

We do love to overcomplicate things.

Yet, learning how to build muscle is as simple as doing these 5 things.

If you apply each one you will see results you can be proud of, results that truly last you a lifetime.

You won’t find any gimmicks or miracle exercises here.

Just the cold, hard truth.

how to build muscle

1. Eat More Food

The vast majority of guys who tell me they find it hard to gain size are all members of the “I think so” club.

They tell me how they eat all day and can’t gain any size no matter what.

The majority of the time, they’re just not tracking their food and don’t realize how far off target they are

So the first thing I recommend doing here is using a free app – like MyFitnessPal – to gage your current calorie intake.

how to build muscle

2. Lift Heavy Things

If you want to get big, you must lift big.

No, you don’t need to do 8 exercises for your traps.

When learning how to build muscle you’ll come up against a whirlwind of misinformation, and it’s easy to overcomplicate your routine with exercises that don’t allow you to promote the most muscle growth.

So stick to the basics.

Focusing on the the lifts which are going to get you big and strong makes sense.

That means compound movements should be your primary exercise choices – squats, deadlifts, cleans, bench press, overhead press, etc – with isolation exercises used to round out your routine.

Russ Howe PTI how to build muscle

3. Use the 5-12 Rep Range

In order to get the most from your exercise choices, we need to optimize your rep range and the amount of weight you are lifting.

The 5-12 range will give you the most bang for your buck.

Sure, you can stray outside of this from time to time – variety is great – but 5-12 is “land of the gains”.

While the 8-12 range is optimal for muscle growth, going as low as 5 reps will have multiple crossover benefits.

After all, the more weight you can lift, the stronger you will become. And the stronger you become, the more weight you can lift in the 8-12 range.

For more on this topic, read my article on the best rep range for building muscle.

how to build muscle

4. Have A Family Member Call You Fat

Have them tear down your dream.

Have them laugh in your face.

Have them bring other members of your family and friends into the conversation, taking turns to joke at how you’re never gonna stick to it and how they “give you a month”.

Have them make sly comments every time they see you about how they “can’t see any difference”.

Have them write you off to the point where it makes you fucking angry.

To the point where you drag yourself out of bed every morning at 5 a.m. to go to the gym in the fucking darkness because it’s the only time you can fit it around your job.

To the point where you keep a preworkout supplement next to your bed that you wolf down the second your alarm sounds so you have no choice but to get out of bed, because you know that despite how much you want to stay in bed, you’ll kick yourself for the rest of the day if you don’t get your workout in.

To the point where a week of hard training becomes a month, and a month becomes three months.

To the point where your doubters gradually stop talking to you because it terrifies them that you’re actually getting somewhere.

To the point where you stop putting yourself down to make other people laugh, and start treating yourself with the respect you deserve.

To the point where you begin making new friends and surrounding yourself with people who actually support you, instead of people whose default behaviour is to deflate you.

To the point where your doubters begin asking you for advice.

how to build muscle

5. Stop Eating Shit

Hey, you know you’re doing it.

I know you’re doing it.

Stop that.

Russ Howe pti

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  1. The real science of building the muscle are quality diet and exercise. The workout process what you discussed here obviously so necessary and helpful for us. All tips are really golden, no one can skip any tips out of 5. Thanks

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