How To Build Inner Chest?


Today, we’re talking about pecs.

Specifically, I’m going to teach you how to build inner chest.

Inner chest?

What the fuck is that?

Well, check out this email from website subscriber Robert:

“Hey Russ,

Pecs are a weak point for me, always have been. I want to know how to build inner chest? Do you have any exercises which I could add to my existing routine?”

At first, when I heard the phrase “inner chest” I was like you – what the fuck does he mean?

But after reading the email, the area Rob is trying to develop is quite clear, and it’s an area which many guys struggle to obtain the results they’d like.

how to build inner chest

How To Build Inner Chest

What Rob is trying to develop here is the “split” which separates the pecs.

Development of this area of the male body can really set off the physique, especially when wearing a shirt.

There are two things I’d like to cover:

  1. Ensure you’re not carrying too much body fat
  2. Three exercises for you to use

how to build inner chest

Too Much Body Fat

A huge problem with guys is over-focusing on minor details of their training routine, while overlooking major aspects.

For instance, I know tons of guys who will happily perform two hour training sessions focusing on hitting their biceps, triceps and forearms from so many different angles they may as well have brought a fucking protractor to the gym.

But their diet?


inner pecs workout

And as a result, they pummel themselves week after week in the gym but never truly get to where they want.

Instead of adding sixteen more exercises to each workout, all they really need to do is correct their diet a little and they’d see far greater results.

So if you’re already training your chest with the fundamental exercises – bench press, dumbbell flyes, incline work, dips – the first thing I’d look at is whether you’re carrying too much body fat, because that’s usually the main culprit.

If you make it past this stage, read on.

inner chest workout

Three Exercises To Use

Today I’m going to show you three of my favourite chest exercises.

These aren’t rocket science, and they’re very easy to apply to your existing chest routine.

In fact, they are exercises you’ll see countless guys doing in gyms, but I’ve made a couple of modifications to the technique to address today’s issue.

  • Incline Dumbbell Flye

This is the “go-to move” for isolating the pecs.

But in most gyms, it’s an exercise which has been plagued by poor technique.

I often see guys making these mistakes:

  • Too much weight, causing the shoulders to become the primary mover.
  • Muscling the weight up with no focus on the area they’re trying to hit.
  • Clanging the weights together at the top of every rep.

Instead of following suit, take a look at this demo from exercise glossary I’ve uploaded for website members and you’ll see an immediate improvement in results:

There are a few things here to apply:

  • Reduce the weight if you feel your shoulders have become the dominant muscle.
  • Get a deep stretch at the bottom of the rep, squeezing your shoulder blades together on the bench.
  • Activate your pecs as much as possible and start squeezing them the moment you begin pushing the weight up.
  • There is no need to clang the weights together at the top of the rep. In fact no need to touch them at all. Unlike cable flyes, gravity is removed from this exercise the moment the dumbbells cross your shoulder joint.
  • Instead, get the weights to level with your shoulder joint then twist the dumbbells so that the bottom of each weight meets in the middle. This twisting motion will enable you to squeeze your pecs a little harder and reap greater results, all while maintaining total control.

The exercise shown above is incline twisting dumbbell flyes.

I chose this as the primary inner pec developer because it will focus more on the upper chest, but you can also apply the techniques shown above to flat dumbbell flyes.

Now let me introduce you to two of the best lesser-seen moves.

  • Single-arm Low-to-high Cable Flye

The single-arm low-to-high cable flye is hands-down the best exercise for hitting the upper, central area of the pecs.

You’ll often see this performed with two hands, but it’s far more effective when done side-to-side.

That’s because when we perform our reps double-armed we have to stop when the cables reach the center point of our chest and meet in the middle.

But the single-arm version of this move allows us to continue the rep, working diagonally across the body, all the way to the opposing side.

This will engage the target muscle fibers a heck of a lot more – try placing your spare hand on your pecs as you use this technique, and you will feel the increased engagement.

Finally, because you are actively trying to “feel” the exercise working, this is a fantastic way to develop a greater mind/muscle connection with the target area, and that’s something which will pay dividends for years to come.

  • Single-arm Cable Flye

This is another great way to target the inner pecs.

Again, by working each arm separately we are able to work with a much greater range of motion, fully engaging the muscle fibers in the pecs.

Notice how much more you feel it when you get beyond the central point?

That’s because your pecs are not used to going this far.

Unilateral training is a proven way to boost your mind/muscle connection with weak points, and it does the job again here.

For more challenging weights, I like to work only one side for the entire set, standing at the opposite end of the cable tower and grabbing the station to allow for a full stretch – this will give you far greater stability when handling more challenging weights.

There you have it! Give them a try!

how to build inner chest

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