Here’s Howe – Upright Row

upright row

Today’s edition of Here’s Howe looks at a forgotten exercise.

The upright row.

Over the years, the upright row is an exercise which has slipped out of public consciousness.

These days it’s rarely seen in mainstream gyms at all.

And yes, this comes despite the fact that it has been highlighted as one of the most effective shoulder exercises out there.

So today I’ll give you a run-through of this exercise from my new Here’s Howe series on YouTube.


upright row

Why The Bad Rep?

Any exercise which played such an important part in Arnold’s training routine deserves respect.

It packs one hell of a punch, so it’s a shame to watch most gym goers shy away from it.

One of the biggest misconceptions about upright rows is that they are bad for you. Because, like any other exercise, they are only “bad for you” when done wrong.

Like anything else, if you start throwing the weight around with little concern for proper form, it’s like asking for a back injury. And if you plan on doing them wrong, you shouldn’t really be planning on doing them at all, right?


The upright row is a compound exercise which will hit your traps, shoulders and rhomboids all at the same time, and – as seen in the video – we can alter the main focus of the exercise by moving our grip around the bar.

In fact, I recently showed you guys the results of a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research which found that altering grip placement was able to boost the involvement of certain muscles by as much as 20%!

Click here to read that.

Here’s Howe #3 – Upright Row

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