Gym Selfie Syndrome

gym selfie

Getting in shape is no longer about hard work.

Because “gym selfie syndrome” has taken over.

At least, that’s what it seems.

It’s about eating kale, spending more time buying the latest training gear than you do planning your training routine, and posting your every move on Instatwat.

Gym Selfie Syndrome – Don’t Get Sucked In

Walk into any gym these days and stroll around to the free weights section, you’ll see them.

Now, to their credit, these men and women are excellent at taking pictures.

The attention to detail some folks go to is astronomical.

You know the ones I’m speaking of, right?

They use so many filters, if they ever go missing we’re never gonna find them.

Heck, I’ve known guys pause between a set of bench press for almost 20 minutes – yes – to get the angle that made them look more buff for a picture.

But amidst all of the hard effort which is being put into ensuring they look the part for their social media friends, there remains one constant with these individuals:

No work is being done.


And that pisses me off.

russ howe pti

Do The Work

I encourage you not to join this self-obsessed gang.

The best way to ensure you look great is to work hard in the gym, not to spend 20 minutes trying to get the magic photo angle!

gym selfie syndrome

It they want to waste their time, let them get on with it.

If they want to buy the latest gym gear just to take pictures of their behind in yoga pants, or stand in front of the magic mirror in the guys changing rooms that makes us all look more shredded – every gym has one – leave them to it.

Because, ultimately, they’re fooling themselves.

We live in a society where many people want the results without putting in the work.

But underneath all of the layers of manufactured bullshit – the gear, the gloves, the headphones – there is very little motivation to train beyond trying to impress others. And that’s a path to failure right there.

After all, you cannot filter real life, and your physique isn’t going to change unless you put your phone down and actually use some of the equipment you’re posing next to.

gym selfie addiction

Everyone likes a nice progress picture in the gym and that’s fine.

But make no mistake, guys, the best way to achieve great results is through hard-ass work, not through lighting and filters.

So I encourage you not to get sucked into this trend where taking selfies becomes more important than the workout itself.

That mentality is all about looking the part, without actually being the part.

And, above all, it’s completely fake.

instagram vs real life

Embrace the madness of hard training. Get into the spirit of going all out to achieve the body you want. That’s what’s gonna get you real progress you can count on.

The gym is a place for hard training.

Do not buy into the false belief that gyms are filled with models all looking perfect, pouting as they seductively do squats.

It promotes the false mentality that if you don’t look like an Instagram model at the gym, you’re doing it wrong.

You know what I think. I think these individuals should stop taking selfies and TRAIN.

Besides, the quest for the perfect  gym selfie was over the second Jean Claude Van Damme popped out this beauty.

gym selfie addiction

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