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"I Want A Customized Diet Plan!"

Would you like to diet the same way my leanest male and female clients do?

Would you like to know exactly what to eat to build muscle, burn fat and look awesome?

Personalised diet plans are only £49.




Eat More. Treat More. Results More.

Instead of following a rigid "eat this, not that" diet plan, my clients take a much more flexible approach.

No food is "off limits" or deemed "bad for you".

Because the best diet is the one you can stick to and, quite frankly, you can obtain a fantastic physique while still eating your favourite treat foods along the way.

Using various principles including reverse dieting, the goal is to take you on a six month transformation which sees you leaner yet eating more food than when you started.

That's the way I diet, and that's the way the guys and girls you see on my website diet. We don't do starvation.

My diet plans - also known as The More Diet - keep it very simple, because simple works best!

  • Your daily macronutrient targets are laid out.
  • You simply have to hit them. Bosh. Done.
  • They progress over six months.


shaun - russ howe pti before and after"Over 100 lbs lost so far."

"I'd tried tons of diets and hated it. Sheer frustration, cutting my favourite foods out. I couldn't stick to any of them long enough to get proper results.

With Russ, literally all I have to do is hit my daily targets.

With over 100 lbs lost so far, I'm feeling like a new guy and confidence is soaring compared to the old days.

Those who used to put me down about my weight, now ask for tips."

  • Shaun, UK

the more diet"No nonsense."

"I like the fact Russ just gives the no nonsense approach to everything.

I'm leaner, more toned, and I know exactly how to eat my favourite treats without sabotaging any results from the gym.

I feel great!

Recommend combining with Russ' free training programs, which will give you maximum butt kicking."

  • Tammy,¬†Australia


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