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I believe that no system is complete until you use it on yourself.

Because the "best diet" is the one you can stick to, and how the heck is someone else supposed to get results if you can't do it yourself?

Sure, you'll see diet plans preaching "no carbs" this and "no fats" that.

This approach is outdated and unproductive.

How many of the people who are instructed to follow these extreme diets which see them cutting out various foods are able to stick to them and achieve the results they wanted?

A tiny percentage.

So when I compiled The More Diet, the first thing I wanted to get across is the fact I use my own system.

It's the same one I used in the transformation photo your see above, and it's the very same system my male and female clients use, too.


"Yes, I still eat pizza."
"Yes, I still eat pizza - and so can you."

I do not believe in the idea that we must punish ourselves for wanting a better body.

Because everything is OK in moderation - and I mean everything - it's just about learning how to do it properly.

  • No need to live on endless bowls of chicken and rice.
  • No need to follow the exact same meal plan each day.

When you learn the benefits of a more flexible approach to dieting, you have a system which not only works, but one you can stick to for as long as you wish.

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