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Weight Loss Diet Plan!

If you struggle with your diet, join the thousands of website members who have me set their daily nutrition out for them. That's right - I actually create your daily targets, and I do it in a way that still allows you to eat all of your favourite treat foods.

This is the way my clients diet, and it's waiting for you here.


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Pro Plans!

If you love the style of training on my website, then you absolutely have to try my Pro Training Plans. This is where I keep my "Big Guns" - the stuff my top clients use in the gym with me one to one.

Each program in the library comes with it's own diet and supplement recommendations, as well as stacks of insider training tips to enhance your results even more. Every time I release a new product, this is where it drops.


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Russ Gym Wear!

My range of gym wear was designed with one goal in mind - to make you train hard!

Pull the logo over your head and it's go time.

The 80,000 strong "Rmy" proudly continue to smash their workouts in my tees, hoodies and tank tops. This is where you get them from.

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Train Me!

If you live near my gym (South Shields, UK) you can now book sessions to train with me one-to-one!

Experience my brutal training style in a full 60 minute workout, I'll put you through your paces and, more importantly, help you absolutely destroy your goals.

  • I'm a busy trainer, so this section of the online shop is only activated at certain times of the year. If it is currently closed off, don't worry, it'll be back shortly.