Pro Training Plans!

If you love the style of chaos in the workouts on my website, then you absolutely have to attempt my Pro Training Plans.

This is where I keep my "big guns" - the stuff my top clients use in the gym with me. Simply choose your preferred plan and it'll drop into your inbox. Every time I release a new product, this is where it drops.

Each plan comes with it's own structured diet plan to follow, as well as supplement recommendations to get the most out of it.

Russ Howe PTI - Classic Size

Classic Size

Want to build serious muscle?
Then this is the plan you should use. Classic Size is a monstrous 12 week trainer, which covers every aspect of your routine from workouts, to supplements, to diet!
This program is a firm favourite among my clients who want to pack on size in a hurry.
* Coming soon!
* Coming soon!