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"The Best Diet Is The One You Can Stick To"

Here's a startling statistic:

85% of 'dieters' regain the weight they lost because they are unable to sustain the lifestyle which helped them to lose the weight in the first place.


Maybe it's something you can relate to.

Heck, I can definitely relate to it.

So if you're not one of the lucky 15% who can seemingly lose fat, keep it off, and never worry about it again (we hate you all), this page is for you.

Because I can think of nothing more frustrating than working your butt off to drop pounds, only to see them creep back on until you are right back where you started.

So today I want to share with you the key factor behind how I dropped 70lbs, kept it off, and how I've since gone on to help thousands of men and women around the world do the same thing...

Interested? Read on.

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Flexible Dieting Plans Are Now Available

There are two rules to a successful diet:

  1. It should be full of your favorite foods
  2. It should be simple

I know. I know.

That's the direct opposite of what most 'experts' tell you.

They want you to complicate your diet with everything from banning certain foods, to eating meals that taste like cardboard, to eating the same list of so-called 'superfoods' every single day.

But I live in the real world, where people have jobs and kids. Complicating your diet with minutiae is the worst thing we can do.

When things are needlessly complicated, we do nothing at all.

Simplicity is king.

And if you can adhere to the two rules I set above, you have a system you can get results with - no matter what life throws at you.

There is no need to put yourself through meals which remind you of rabbit food.

There is no need to starve yourself on less calories than a toddler.

And there is no need to scour shopping malls looking for singular ingredients you've never heard of just because they are on trend.

Because the real key to a successful 'diet' (I hate this word) is that it should never feel like punishment.

You shouldn't have to worry about eating a some pizza. And you shouldn't have to exclude yourself from family get-togethers in the name of getting fit.

Sounds appealing, right?

The problem is most people just don't know how to do it.

Heck, all of my male and female clients still eat pizza, chocolate and whatever else they fancy while continuing to smash their gym goals.

And now I can invite you to join them, by having your diet pre-designed by me using the same principles I use myself. Sound good?

For a limited time, there are flexible dieting plans available right here.

(and yes, the price really is £25, there are no hidden fees inside.)

Buy My Flexible Dieting Plan

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"134 lbs gone!

If you struggle with sticking to your diet, I urge you to listen to this guy. Russ taught me how to keep things simple, and his workout routines are the most fun I've ever had in my gym. People think I'm a crazy demon when I train - but it works!"


"I wanted abs, I got them!

I love the way Russ teaches things. It's fun, simple-to-use and he cuts out all the BS! I started using Russ' online plans about a year go. Combined with his free workout plans I am stronger, leaner and fitter than I have ever been before."