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The Science Of Size

Russ Howe PTI - Classic Size

People often ask me how to gain "size" without gaining "fat".

And do you know what I tell them?

I tell them information is everywhere!

One Google search for "exercise physiology" brings up 33m links. "Bodybuilding nutrition" offers 165m links. And one search for "how to build muscle" gives 300m links.

That's an awful lot of information.

But for most, the problem isn't information.

It's the harsh truth. The straightforward facts, without the clog of contradicting nonsense that confuses and distract us from doing anything at all.

That's why I made Classic Size.

This nuts n' bolts program has literally helped thousands of my clients (male & female) to pack on lean size in a matter of weeks.

And today, it's available for download.


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A Simple Program For Impressive Results

Russ Howe PTI Classic Size
Classic Size is my trademark program for packing on clean size in a hurry.

Using the principles in this downloadable handbook, you'll see exactly how I take a client from point A to point B in terms of muscle mass.

Each of the three segments of Classic Size come with their own handbook, making it easy for you to transition between training, dietary and supplement information as you progress along the road to big.

Each one is explained in more detail below.

Classic Size is designed to give you the kind of head-turning, traffic-stopping results that have your friends asking what you're doing - and what you're taking! - to transform your body.

Module 1: The Classic Size Diet Plan

> In this no-nonsense mass gaining plan, I'll show you how to structure a diet specifically to gain lean muscle size over the next 12 weeks.

> How my clients DON'T need to obsess over every little detail with their diets.

> Ever felt overwhelmed regarding treat foods being off the menu? Then you'll love the "Live Formula:" my simple 3 step process that makes fitting any treat into your diet surprisingly simple.

> Are you lost when it comes to food types? My straight-talking guide to protein, fat and carbohydrates will give you all you need to know to get results, without the jargon or scaremongering.

Module 2: The Classic Size Supplement Plan

> WARNING: Supplement companies want to sell you tons of b*******.

> I'll reveal which supplements actually work for building mass, as well as which ones are nothing but hype - and almost everyone is using at least two of them.

> I'll teach you how to stack your supplements for maximum effectiveness when training for muscle gain.

> You'll see the exact products my clients use so you can use the same ones if you wish.

Module 3: The Classic Size Workout Plan

> The full Classic Size workout plan.. 12 weeks of proven workouts to get you on the fast-track to maximum growth.

> Everything is taken care of - rest, recovery and progression is the focus - all you need to do is show up and train like a man (or woman) possessed!

> I'll teach you why, how and when to use Classic Size principles including Dropsets and Rest Pauses to promote even more muscle growth from your sessions.

Real People Getting Real Results

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"134 lbs gone!

If you struggle with sticking to your diet, I urge you to listen to this guy. Russ taught me how to keep things simple, and his workout routines are the most fun I've ever had in my gym. People think I'm a crazy demon when I train - but it works!"


"I wanted abs, I got them!

I love the way Russ teaches things. It's fun, simple-to-use and he cuts out all the BS! I started using Russ' online plans about a year go. Combined with his free workout plans I am stronger, leaner and fitter than I have ever been before."

Russ Howe PTI

“I'll keep this short and sweet - Russ knows his stuff, it's as simple as that.

If you are trying to gain quality size and strength, his methods will always get you there.”