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The complete Classic Size training package including diet, supplements and training plan.


"Jacked Arms Now!"



Who says shit like that?


Muscle building magazines...


Or as I like to call it, attention-grabbing headlines written by people on performance enhancing drugs, dangling an imaginary carrot in front of everyday men and women..


People with no clue how hard the rest of us work...


that's who..


To say these guys have no idea what it's like in the real world..


Would be a massive understatement


They can't tell you what it's like to look in the mirror and hate what you see.


They've never felt that panic when you see everyone else packing on size and you're standing still.


They've never felt the frustration of subjecting yourself to so many different gym routines only for none of them to give you the type of results you want.




I'll bet a million Haribo Gold Bears..


They've NEVER lost an ounce of sleep..


trying to figure out whether it's worth devoting another month to hard training and eating the right kind of foods only to get the same old, same old.


If you can relate to even one of these scenarios, then you know what I'm talking about..


Until a few years ago

The very idea of building a good physique felt so out of reach...


That if any of my friends..


had uttered a word about the latest soap opera star with abs and big arms..


I would have bitten my lip hard..


while fighting the urge to punch them in the jaw.


Don't get me wrong..


I had nothing against those who had seen good results..




Being honest..

It's Easy To Get A Lot When...
You Have A Lot


Few people know this..


But for a few years, I hated the gym.


That might shock you, given the fact that it's what I do for a living now..


but back then, after training as hard as I could for month after month..


I fell out of love with training.




Because I was working 14 hour days..


Trying to spend time with my young son..


Then heading out to the gym every night..


And I felt like I was spinning my wheels..


I envied people who could seemingly train as much as they wanted, and wished my life was more in line with that..


Let that sink in for a moment..


I had a beautiful baby boy, and there I was..


Wishing my life away..


That's how badly I disliked what I saw, when I looked in a mirror..


That's how frustrated I was, at my own lack of results..


Things Just Got Worse, Too


Working out 6-7 days per week, eating foods which may as well have been cardboard..


And the worst part?


I was spending wayyy too much money on supplements that I apparently "needed"..


What was once my favourite pastime..


had become a huge source of stress.

When You Have NOTHING...


You go back to the fundamentals.


You cut the nonsense.


I had wasted so much time..


trying to apply every tip I saw in magazines, and do every new exercise I saw guys at the gym doing.. or switching training plan every other week..


or buying every new "muscle building powder" I saw online..


And I couldn't get that time back.


So I streamlined my training, basing it around a few simple-to-follow principles which had stood the test of time.


I cut my gym time, too.


I also streamlined my diet considerably.


I learned how to incorporate my favourite daily treats as much as I could.


No more chicken and rice at every meal.



And guess what?


After a few weeks, not only did my results start to pick up considerably..


but I found myself falling back in love with my training.


I realized that I wasn't necessarily doing anything wrong to begin with, I was merely being dragged in too many directions..


I was trying to do everything all at once, when I really needed to focus.

The Guinea Pig Method


I continued to build upon my new approach until I didn't merely have an "idea"..


I had a system.


When I later decided to undertake a career in the fitness world (likely the reason you are here reading this right now)..


I continued to apply my new system to an everlong conveyor belt of new clients..


I'd make tweaks here and there, in order to perfect the machine..


Before long..


"the system" became all anybody was talking about at my gym..


It's perhaps strange..


that in a fitness world which is always trying to get us to overcomplicate things..


The true secret to results (for me and the many clients who have used Classic Size)..


was simplifying my workouts, diet and supplement regime to focus only on the "bare essentials".


I made this training package available on my website for the first time mid-last year..


finally giving all of the folks who follow me online a chance to use the exact same principles I use with clients in the gym on a one-to-one basis..


and it has since gone on to become my best-selling product..


Now, it's your turn.

Here's a sample of what you will get inside of Classic Size..

  • Learn how to set your daily calorie target to the right level for the physique you are trying to achieve.
  • Learn the benefits of optimizing your macronutrients and learn how to do it - even if you're a complete newcomer to the world of fitness nutrition
  • How to incorporate any treat food - yeah, any at all - into your daily diet without ruining results and without needing to deem it a cheat meal
  • Learn about training periodization. This single step revolutionized the way I now train male and female clients in the gym, and I'll lay it out exactly the way I use it
  • Get to work with a full 12 week workout plan. I designed this plan exclusively for people following my Classic Size diet in order to ensure you reap the most results from it
  • Use my supplement pack to make sure you are not squandering money up the wall on pills which do absolutely Jack for you in the gym
  • Learn the simple yet proven supplement list all of my male and female clients use

See you on the other side..

© 2016