The Fitness Quote Which Will Change Your Life

the fitness quote that will change your life

(This is a guest post by Mike – owner of fitness blog UNIGAINS)

Every day I hear someone making an excuse:

“Oh, I cannot lose weight because of my metabolic rate”

“My genetics won’t allow me to get that lean”

“What’s the point in trying, I will never look like Chris Evans”

You are lying to yourself.

Let me share an inspirational quote with you:

“No matter how tough your life is, you can always do something to become a better version of yourself”

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Let’s be honest, the sad truth is that you may never end up looking exactly like Chris Hemsworth; we do not have the same genetics, work schedules, time, money etc… The list just goes on. But, I guarantee you can become so much better than you are right now.

fitness motivation
Unfortunately, this is not me..

I could have done the same; I could have sulked that I will never have abs like the guy above and just stopped trying. I could have given up and carried on not being proud of my body and believe that I was not capable of improving myself… but then I realised that I still could get better abs; maybe not like that guy, but better than what I had.


This is me!

I am pretty damn happy with the result.

A lot of us do not have enough self-belief, and it’s understandable; every day you see articles and magazines showing you people with amazing bodies who tell you to do one thing but do another… you have probably tried in the past to get fitter, failed miserably to get those abs in 28 days as the magazine promised, and just settled for mediocracy.

Once you realise just how much potential you have you can absolutely transform yourself, both physically and mentally. At the start it is really disheartening when you are not seeing results in the first week or so, but transforming your body and mind is a process that takes years… this is why I suggest taking it slow and consistently.

Look how far you have come, not how far you have to go

Stop thinking about how far away you from your goal; this will demotivate you and make you want to quit. When I could only bench 60kg and aimed of benching 100kg, the fact that I was 40kg away felt impossible to achieve.

Instead, I thought about how far I have already come; when I started I could not even do 15 pushups… the self-progression I have made so far motivated me to keep pushing forward to become a better version of myself each day.

When you are able to initially commit to making slow and steady improvements on yourself you will feel a motivating feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. I absolutely love the feeling of improving myself, and it motivates me to go out and be awesome at life each day.

It is a process which you have to learn to appreciate, but when you do you will truly allow yourself to stay motivated and committed to continue transforming yourself – you will love the process too!

Whenever you feel demotivated because you feel so far away from your goal just remember the quote; you CAN do something to become a better version of yourself, and doing so consistently will not only make you feel happy that you are achieving, but it will help you make the amazing transformation that you would have never thought you were capable of.


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