“Eat Less, Move More”? Suck It.

eat less, move more

“Eat less, move more” is bullshit fitness advice.

Because to a person trying to lose weight “eat less, move more” is just plain nonsense.

Today, I will explain why.

Earlier this week, I received this e-mail from website member Jill:

“Hi Russ,

After years of being overweight, a couple years ago I decided to make a change and get in shape. I sorted my diet out – thanks to the help of your website!! – and I’ve been trying to lose weight the last couple of years, and sometimes it’s hard.

But how do I deal with the condescending asshole at my work who, when the going gets tough, likes to over-simplify it by saying “just eat less, move more, what’s wrong with you?” – I’ve been overweight my entire life, and when he says that it really grates on me more than it should!”

eat less, move more

Talk Less, Engage Brain More

Your friend is trying to be helpful.

But in doing so, he’s doing more harm than good.

Telling a lifelong overweight person to “just eat less, move more” doesn’t sound motivational. Instead, it sounds like “What the heck is wrong with you? It’s dead simple! Why can’t you do it?”

It’s like telling a boxer in the fight of his life to “get hit less, punch more”.

Well, duh.

This whole vague approach to fitness is covered in smart-assery. The same smart-assery that utters the phrase “She can do it – insert person who overcame the odds here – so what’s your excuse?”

While the surface issue is simply losing weight, the root of the issue goes much, much deeper.

And saying this to someone who has been bullied and self-conscious their entire life often has the reverse effect.

Instead of giving them a kick up the ass and pushing their efforts into high gear, it belittles them and makes it even harder.

Anyone who has undergone a tough time due to their weight will tell you, what’s the first thing you do when you feel low about yourself?

Comfort food.

eat less, move more

Think Smart

Also, this broad-minded approach to fitness can be a breeding ground for eating disorders.

After all, not everyone who is trying to get in shape is “overweight” to begin with.

And instead of teaching someone how to be happy in their body and how to get to the gym, build more muscle and train hard without it taking over their entire life, we now we have a girl who is already eating only 1000 calories per day being told to “just eat less, move more bro.”

Nice one.

fitness motivation

Take-home Advice

People deal with things in different ways.

Under the surface, every person you meet is going through a battle you know nothing about.

What appears as “I want to lose weight” is often a much deeper problem, something they’ve endured and suffered through for years, possibly even all the way back to being bullied at school.

Rest assured, the next time you meet someone who wants to dismiss your attempts to lose weight as “just eat less, move more, what’s so difficult?” you have my complete support in the fact that it’s really not just that simple.

Your fitness journey is your own, and it needs to be something which fits into your lifestyle and be built around tackling your own potential weaknesses.

There is no one size fits all.

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