Does Creatine Work?

If you lift weights regularly, you’ve probably heard about creatine.

But despite it’s popularity, the fact that “does creatine work?” is among the most popular Google searches tells me something.

There are an awful lot of weight lifters out there who need guidance on this supplement.

For a comprehensive overview of creatine read this post, but today we’ll answer the question on everybody’s lips…

does creatine work

Does Creatine Work?

Yes, of course it does.

Creatine is a naturally occurring substance which is produced in the human body and responsible for short bursts of explosive activity.

Think running for a bus, or lifting a heavy object.

Got it?

By adding additional creatine to your diet through supplementation, you increase your ability to perform such explosive activities.

Due to the hype on the packaging, people often worry if creatine is some kind of steroid or illegal performance enhancing drug.

Of course, they needn’t be concerned.

Creatine is merely a combination of three amino acids – arginine, methionine and glycine.

It has more in common with a vitamin than a steroid.

does creatine work

Why Do Weightlifters Use Creatine?

Well, take the examples above into a gym context.

Increasing your explosive strength has many benefits which transfer well to weightlifting.

It could mean an extra few kilograms on the barbell, or an extra couple of repetitions with your previous maximum weight.

And this means one thing – more results!

I have personally used creatine since 2005 – since 2010 it’s been continued usage with no breaks – and consider it an integral part of my diet.

It’s such a cheap and easily available substance, there’s no reason not to use it.

Creatine is incredibly useful for boosting strength output and muscle growth, and is such a simple supplement to add to your diet, it makes sense that anybody who lifts weights on a regular basis should be using it.

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