Your Macronutrient Split Means Dick. Calories Are King.

The fitness industry runs wild with bullshit myths.

And the most popular myth is that “it’s all about your macronutrient split, bro.”

Well, check this:

When it comes to regulating weight loss or gaining mass, your macronutrient split means dick. Calories are king.

Now, there may be a few readers out there in disbelief at what I just said.


Russ has surely just went against the God Of Gains, and must be smited!

But allow me to explain.

I’m not saying that your macronutrients are a completely unimportant factor in building a great body.

Heck, most of my clients follow flexible diets which are based upon hitting a set target macronutrient figure each day.

What I’m saying here is that macros aren’t the deciding factor in whether you lose weight.

Your calorie intake takes that title.

Don’t be fooled into believing that by hitting a certain split between protein, carbohydrates and fat you can “trick” the body into eating as much food as you desire and still rip up body fat quicker than a Herbalife rep backtracking from the words “pyramid scheme”.

Tracking your macros isn’t a magic bullet.

While you can boost results from a diet by ensuring your daily calories contain an optimal amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates to stimulate the biggest possible anabolic response, we cannot defy the laws of fucking science.

In order to lose weight, you must consume fewer calories than you expend.

It’s just how the body works.

And denying this is like saying the Earth is flat, or Arnold isn’t awesome.

calories vs macros

You see, if your goal is fat loss and you typically maintain your weight at around 2500 calories per day, consuming 5000 calories per day will mean you’d gain weight.

Yes – even if those 5000 calories are made up of a great split between macronutrients and consist entirely of healthy food choices.

5000 calories is 5000 calories.

Demonizing calories and washing over everything with the incredibly broadminded approach of “it’s all about the macros” is bad advice. We could even talk about how certain foods are slightly more thermogenic than others.

But still, the over-riding factor in any diet remains – calories are king.

There isn’t a study in existence which shows that overfeeding can lead to weight loss.

Not one.

And when clients begin following my style of dieting, I am quick to teach them that you can lose weight no matter which foods you eat providing your body is in a caloric deficit.

Heck, even if you ate nothing but Mars bars!

Not that I’d recommend that, of course!

You’d feel like shit, due to the fact that your body wouldn’t be getting anywhere near enough protein to build lean muscle, or anywhere near the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals we need to achieve to maintain everything from our immune system, to hormone levels, to healthy hair and skin.

But still, you’d lose weight.

So the next time you hear you gym friend talk about how they can’t gain size even though their protein intake is right on the money, pass them a friendly reminder – calories are king!

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