Best Workout Routine For Beginners

best workout routine for beginners

We all need to start somewhere.

But what is the best workout routine for beginners?

This is something I am regularly asked by guys and girls who are just starting out in the weights room for the very first time, overawed by the multitude of different potential training styles and not knowing which one they need.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered in today’s post.

Because despite the feeling of alone-ness when you look around the gym and wonder “well, what the heck do I need to do if I’m just starting out?” it’s something that all of us have experienced.

Given that everybody likes to over-complicate fitness in a bid to impress people, my answer is much simpler than you may expect.

If you have less than six months of weight lifting experience under your belt – or none at all – strength training is the way to go.

This is where all of my clients start.

Now, it’s not uncommon for someone to read that last statement and think “But what if I want to build muscle?” or “But what if I want to lose fat?”

Trust me, there’s a method to the madness.

sumo deadlift

Best Workout Routine For Beginners – Why Strength Training?

We must lay the foundation for future results.

When you start lifting weights, you’ll quickly realize that this isn’t something you’re gonna stop doing a few months down the line.

Once you make friends with the iron, it’s a way of life.

The biggest mistake most other guys and girls make is heading into a full-blown bodybuilding or HIIT training program without first getting their body into a good enough condition to achieve it’s true potential.

If you want sustainable results which will reap benefits for many years to come, not just a couple of months, you should always think strength first.

The basics of a strength routine are:

  • 1-5 reps per set
  • 3-5 sets per exercise
  • focus on compound lifts

I have tons of strength-based workouts inside my website here. They’re free to use.

You see, by beginning with a strength based routine you will be establishing a solid foundation you can rely upon for the rest of your lifting life.

best weight lifting routine for beginners

To really get the most of of your training, I’d also throw in 2-3 short high intensity cardio sessions alongside your weights each week.

This would allow you to build your conditioning without taking away the main focus from weights.

Multi-joint – a.k.a. compound – exercises like the barbell squat, deadlift and military press will become staples of your routine, engraving their oh-so-important technique into your brain for years to come.

Because the best way to nail the technique on a deadlift or barbell squat is not to avoid them until you feel comfortable, it’s to learn them from the start.

This will also help you to avoid the nonsense you will undoubtedly one day hear from “that guy” who likes to interrupt people’s sessions to give you unrequested tips while he wildly swings a pair of dumbbells around his fucking head.

A secondary benefit here is that strength training will of course increase your strength.

Which will in turn allow you to lift heavier and push your muscles to their true limits.

And, finally, this type of training is the best workout routine for beginners because it’s the quickest way to hit the ground running in terms of building lean muscle tissue.

You see, alongside all of the adaptations made by your central nervous system towards heavy lifting – which will stand you in great stead for years to come – classic compound exercises actually allow you to train your entire body with as much weight as you can handle.

This means you are able to pack on some great gains while setting a solid foundation of strength from which to build upon.

Of course, the more lean muscle tissue you own, the easier you will find it to burn body fat – the metabolism must work harder to maintain lean muscle tissue.

Making this a win/win/win.

More strength. Better technique. Faster metabolism. Bosh!

best weight lifting routine for beginners

The Next Step

Eventually, you’ll reach a crossroads which will see you focus more on one aspect of training than others.

This will usually come after around 6-9 months of solid strength training.

It’s at this point we make a decision:

  • fat loss training
  • hypertrophy training
  • strength training

Thankfully, the work you did in the early days will pay dividends here no matter which direction you choose to veer off in.

While all the other girls in the free weights corner are lifting pink dumbbells for fear of “getting massive”, you’ll be the scary motherfucker who can hang with the guys.

But you’ll also be the motherfucker who’s getting all the results.

Of course, as my website readers have come to expect, I’ve got thousands of workouts you can use at this stage.

My work here is done.

best workout routine for beginners

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