The Best Preworkout On The Market?


I’m always asked about supplements.

Specifically, “what is the best preworkout?”

This is a question which pops up in the gym almost daily, so today I’m going to discuss and give you some pointers on what makes a great preworkout supplement.

Check out this email from website member Stacey:

“Hey Russ,

  I went to my local health shop in Liverpool looking for a preworkout supplement for energy before I train. I was met with tons of jargon, and every product looked exactly the same. Can you give me a run down on what to look for in a good preworkout? Or perhaps even show me what you use?”

John also emailed in:

“Hey Russ,

  I’ve been let down too many times by preworkouts that look great on the tub but simply don’t deliver. The only way I can tell if they’re great is to try them, and it’s an expensive habit. I hate it when I get a dud. Can you explain what I need to look for?”

I’ll answer both emails in today’s article.

what is the best preworkout

The Best Preworkout?

The supplement industry is full of shit.

As discussed in a recent articlepreworkouts are the worst when it comes to misleading packaging.

You see, the energy drink craze which is currently sweeping the mainstream, well, that passed through the bodybuilding community around ten years ago.

As such, the preworkout marketplace is totally over-saturated, and littered with terrible products that will take your money but leave you feeling about as happy as a kid receiving clothes as a Christmas present.

This segment of the industry is swamped in below-par supplements which hide behind phrases like “proprietary blend” – i.e. we won’t tell you the dosages of our product, so you can’t see how bad it is before you spend your cash on it – and relying on over-the-top hype to sell us products.

Let’s face it, guys, the male ego makes this too fucking easy.

what is the best preworkout

Now, most of you who follow my blog will already know that I actually make my own preworkout by buying individual ingredients and combining them myself.

Here’s an article on that.

I truly believe the “best preworkout” is the one you make yourself.

I do this so that I control the dosages of the key ingredients.

However, when clients ask for branded products to use in their gyms around the world, there are a few which I rely on to give them the most bang for their buck.

So, below you will find my list of the top three supplements I go to to get the job done.

pre jym


1. Pre-Jym

  • Why?

Pre-Jym set the standard when it was released because it went against the industry standards of hiding formulas and using hype as a selling tool.

Instead, this powerhouse listed every single item in its full dosage, and used its ingredient list as its main selling point.

I like that.

But once we get past the honesty of a product, it still better stack up.

You needn’t worry with this one, of course, hence why it’s the first on my list.

Not only does Pre-Jym contain every ingredient – and a few more – that I would look for in a great preworkout –caffeine, beta-alanine, creatine, betaine, citrulline, etc – it also contains them in dosages which have been clinically proven to give maximum results.

It’s drawback – because nothing is perfect – is that it’s the most expensive of the bunch, but that’s largely because they went so big on the product.

Check it out here.

adapt nutrition pre train review

2. Adapt Nutrition Pre Train

  • Why?

The great work Jim Stoppani started with Pre-Jym was continued by the folks at Adapt Nutrition.

Pre Train is another supplement which uses label transparency and clinically proven dosage levels as it’s big selling point.

But the formula itself also throws up a couple of neat surprises.

The standout here is that 300mg caffeine per serving puts Pre Train near the top end of the scale when it comes to supplements you don’t want to use late at night.

However, if you train early in the day and are used to consuming some caffeine in your diet, then the combination of caffeine and 1500mg beta-alanine per serving make this a solid product for those looking to blast through a high intensity training session.

This preworkout was the subject of one of my harsh “Russ Ratings” not so long back, where I trialed it for several weeks.

Click here to read that review.

Check it out here.

reflex muscle bomb

3. Reflex Muscle Bomb

  • Why?

Those who train later in the day tend to feel left out when it comes to preworkout supplements.

That’s because caffeine is the major player in most formulas, and unless you want to be up all night, you probably want to avoid consuming it after 6 p.m.

Thankfully, there are a whole bunch of caffeine free options on the market.

I’ve used plenty of them with clients, and Reflex Muscle Bomb tends to stand out as a favourite with male and female members of the late night club.

Check it out here.

what is the best preworkout

And there you have it.

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