Best Fitness Blogs Winner

best fitness blog

In today’s post I want to say thank you.

I was just informed that in a recent list of the best fitness blogs of the year, came out on top!

This website has given me a chance to provide and spend time with my family beyond the ways I thought were even possible, so I’m grateful you guys like my work.

It hasn’t been an easy ride, that’s for sure – many long nights compiling training tips and shooting videos while my two boys lay the Smackdown on me when I’m not looking – so it’s always nice to know you’re appreciated.

best fitness blogs

Thanks to the guys at Activate Nutrition who compiled this list of the best fitness blogs of the year, I’m certainly in good company among the other websites which are listed.

What’s To Come

Things have developed considerably since I first started posting tips online.

If you’ve been following me for some time then I’m sure you’ll already know what I’m talking about.

But for those who don’t, you can now access all of my workout programs and a full library of over 1000 hours of my workouts, completely free on the main Russ Howe PTI website.

What began as a quick YouTube channel and blog set up in my spare room, has quickly grown into a lean, biceps-pumping monster which now helps thousands of people around the world get fit.

Click here to get those.

Speaking of YouTube, we’re about to hit the 20,000 subscriber mark, as well as the 100k follower mark on Twitter. Those are some big-ass numbers to me.

So when that happens, I’ll get back on here with something special for you guys.

Here’s to another great twelve months.

Now enough of this friendly BS. Let’s get back in the gym..

Yours in training,

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