Be A Fat Loser. Not A Weight Loser.


The cold feeling of the bathroom floor underneath your feet.

The worry of the damage caused by that donut you had.

The sudden elevator-tummy feeling as you see the digits on the scales bounce around before settling on a number.

A number which will single-handedly make or ruin your fucking day.

Welcome to the life of a weight loser.

Every day we go through this.

Every damn day.

And the ironic thing?

Our judgement of our body actually changes in front of our eyes depending on what the number of the scales reads.

We can’t figure out how to fit a USB into the computer without at least three attempts, but we possess the ability to morph our physique in front of our very eyes should the scales declare us “good” or “bad” today.

And boy does it morph.

You can step onto the scales feeling lean and confident, and step off feeling like you just spent a month at a hot dog eating contest. Where you ate the other contestants. And the audience. And then their cars.

But today I’m going to show you how to break this mindset and do something which I believe to be much more useful as you try to get into better shape.

Be a fat loser.

weight loss vs fat loss

Be A Fat Loser

I’ll be really blunt with you for a moment.

I say that as if I’m not usually really blunt.

“Weight loss can fuck off!”

We live in a world where people are judgmental over the tiniest thing.

Your hair isn’t cool. Your clothes are weird. You weigh more than you should.

But despite the fact that we’re surrounded by this constant peer pressure and bullying, these people are not your biggest concern.

If you wanna meet your biggest enemy, put yourself in a room and look in the mirror.

See, the real issue is that all the bullshit you’ve been told to believe about yourself has actually sunk in. And when you are alone, it will magnify tenfold.

weight loss motivation

And when it comes to assessing your physique, weight loss does not give you the full picture.

Far from it, in fact.

Heck, one of the things I know as a trainer is that throughout the course of a month the weight of a woman bounces around more than my 5 year old in his Minion outfit on a bobsleigh.

And besides, we need to get out of this idea that “weight gain” is bad and “weight loss” is good.

Because, for want of a better word, this is bullshit.

be a fat loser

Fat Loss > Weight Loss

If you are trying to get fit, base your progress on your fat loss results.

Not your weight loss results.

And yes, I could give you the old statement that “muscle weighs more than fat” but hey, let’s not kid ourselves here. That fact was never good enough to make you feel better previously when you gained a little weight. It’s not going to be now either.

The real reason you should base your results on fat loss is because losing fat is your primary goal, is it not?

I’m pretty sure you couldn’t give a damn what you weighed, if you looked the way you wanted to look and felt good about your muscle tone.

So I encourage you to stop giving so much power to the scales.

They don’t deserve it.

Not only are they failing to give you the full picture – too many things can influence it, from water, to time of day, to time of month – but it’s promoting an unhealthy way of living.

I mean, if losing 0.25 lbs radically improves your mood and makes the difference between dishing out dieting advice to your friends or smearing yourself in Dairy Milk and watching chick flicks all day long, something isn’t right.

weight loss motivation

Don’t get me wrong, there’s no harm in getting weighed.

It’s just not the “comprehensive review of your phyisque” that you are told it is.

In fact, one of the first things I do with new clients – something I also did myself a long time ago – is to get them to start basing their results on progress photos and how their clothing fits around the waist, bum and legs.

This gives you a better indication of whether you are heading in the direction you want to go in.

Fuck weight loss.

Russ Howe pti

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