An Interview with Ashley LaShure

Ashley LaShure

If you’re one of the many girls who follow the site, today’s post will give you some valuable insights.

Bikini competitor Ashley LaShure stopped by recently for a guest post.

Today, we’ll cover everything from Ashley’s aspirations in the fitness world, to her training routine, diet and what she does for motivation when the going gets tough.

I’m honoured that over 60% of the free members of are female, and I love providing you with new content, but if you’re thinking about getting into bikini fitness, who better to teach you about it than a lady who is out there living the life?

So kick back, pop open a protein shake and enjoy Ashley’s inspirational story so far as she prepares to take to the stage.

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ashley lashure

Ashley LaShure Takeover

Hey all!

Let me begin by giving you a little background.

My name is Ashley, I am 26 years old and I am a mother to a wonderful six year old boy.

I had my son while at college, at only 19 years old, before going on to get a Bachelor’s degree. I was usually working 2-3 jobs simultaneously to make sure we had everything we needed to get by.

No one else was going to do it, right?

I felt rough working multiple jobs, taking care of my son, getting my school work done and just generally keeping myself sane, but hey, when you want something so bad, you go out and get it!

Ashley LaShure

What Made Me Want To Get Fit?

When I was younger I was always into fitness.

Not so much the healthy eating though! Haha!

All through high school I was a cheerleader so I stayed in great shape.

But when I went off to college I noticed things changed. I started drinking regularly and not staying as active as I had in the past. Then I fell pregnant and had my son.

As any mother would know, after you give birth all you want to do is lounge around with your new bundle of joy – well, that’s exactly what I did!

Even when I returned back home I would just continue lounging around. I never worked out.

“I work too much. I have school work to get through. I have to take care of the baby. I just don’t have any time.”

This attitude carried over into my eating habits, too.

I would basically eat anything which was quick to prepare, because it seemed easy and convenient. This wasn’t an overnight thing. I did this for 5 years.

Of course, it didn’t take long before I began hating the way my body looked.

Then I finally told myself to stop the excuses and do something about it.

irondequit fitness
Irondequoit Fitness

I Hit The Gym

I started training at Irondequoit Fitness, the owner Joe Cristiano designed my meal plans and his fiance Kathi Rook began training me.

I found myself getting into it more and more, and began posting my fitness journey on my Facebook page so that my friends and family could see me making a positive change.

That’s when an old high school friend got in touch and asked if would get involved as a BeachBody coach.

People kept on asking my for help after seeing me getting results, so I figured I should go all in and make a bit of money doing what I love.

“For those that aren’t aware, BeachBody is a US-based business which sells workout DVD’s and supplements.” – Russ

This was the starting point which gave me the motivation to then push myself further.

I wanted to challenge myself more, to make a better version of myself and get out of my comfort zone.

That challenge was competing in a bikini fitness competition!

Ashley LaShure

My Typical Meal Plan

Here is a look into my meal plan:

I like to consistently follow this meal plan.

Yes folks, you do need to be consistent with your eating habits in order to see some results. It is not easy to stay consistent, so what is there left to do?

ashley lashure interview


I love meal prepping!

It is a saviour!

I love being able to grab what I need to eat, and not have to worry about wanting to make something else. It really helps me stick to my meal plan. And Quest bars are like dessert, I look forward to eating those every day!

Ashley LaShure fitness

My Current Training Split

It’s very important to get in the gym at least three times a week.

Of course, everyone is different when it comes to how they need to eat and train for what type of results they are trying to achieve, these are just my personal meal plans and workouts that I know work for me.

For the competition I have coming up I really don’t want to lose any weight so I do not do a lot of aerobic cardio.

Instead, I perform three high intensity T25 workouts at home for my cardio and then I hit the gym to lift three times a week.

Ashley LaShure

You can see my preferred training split below.

I don’t like to work every muscle group on the same day, because you’ll see better results by hitting different parts on different days.

  • Day 1: Leg day.
  • Day 2: Back and Shoulders.
  • Day 3: Chest and Arms.

I’ve taken the time to play around with this formula and see what works for my body.

It’s important to do that, especially if you want to compete, as it allows you to tailor your training around the particular look you want in your next contest.

russ howe pti

Things You Shouldn’t Say To Me

Before I show my progress so far, I want to discuss something which really gets on my nerves.

I dislike these two things which I hear people constantly saying since I began training, and you will almost certainly hear these things too if you are training for a bikini competition.

“Don’t starve yourself for this competition.”

I want to set the record straight – we do not starve ourselves!

In fact I’m eating more food per day right now than I ever have in the past. It’s about gaining lean muscle and losing fat – you need to eat food in order to do these things, people.

“I hope you’re not going to bulk up like a man.”

I compete in bikini fitness, not bikini figure.

There is a big difference between the two.

For bikini fitness you need to have muscle definition, be toned and look fit. Whereas for bikini figure you are required to be more muscular and defined.

My Results So Far

I am currently in my 5th week of training for my show.

I’m really happy and have seen some nice improvements in my muscle definition so far.

Drum roll please…

Ashley LaShure fitness


If you want something, get the hell out there and get it!

Hard work does pay off.

Excuse my language, but:

russ howe pti

“I want to wish Ashley the best of luck in the build-up to her competition, and thanks for taking the time to do such a great piece of content. I firmly believe this girl is capable of going on to do big things. Follow her progress via the links below” – Russ

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