The A4 Waist Challenge – My Honest Opinion


Ah, society. Fuck you.

Today I’m looking at something known as The A4 Waist Challenge.

Yes, it’s as mental as it sounds.

Apparently, if a woman’s waist isn’t smaller than an A4 piece of paper, she sucks.

Check out this email from website subscriber Sophie:

“Hey Russ,

As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I noticed a bunch of my friends posting about #A4waist and wanted to ask your opinion on this whole trend. Am I right in thinking this is absurd?”

As usual, no punches will be pulled.

The A4 Waist Challenge – Really?

For those not familiar with this new breed of bullshit, the A4 Waist Challenge involves a three step process:

  1. Get a piece of A4 paper
  2. Hold it in front of your waist
  3. Take a selfie

If your waist is smaller than the paper, you “win.”

“Win what?” I hear you ask.

Well, given that the average piece of A4 is only 8.3 inches wide, I can only presume it’s the dumb motherfucker of the year award.

Every year, competition seems to get fiercer than ever for this coveted prize.

a4 challenge

Let’s Be Serious

Of course, joking around is all fine and dandy.

But there’s a much deeper issue at play here.

I mean, we live in a world where millions of people are bullied on social media about their body image.

Now these people are being told that they “lose” if they’re not skinnier than a piece of A4 paper?

Lose what, exactly?

I mean, other than the ability to literally climb into their own asshole.

Give me a break.

See, the email above went on:

“The reason I ask is because I’m 19, and I train with weights four times per week. I thought I was progressing nicely, but when I saw this I felt like I had to join in with my friends and do one.

But all of my friends passed and I failed.

I was so ashamed I didn’t even upload the photo.”

This is body shaming at it’s worst.

And just like all these trends, it’ll end up driving impressionable young women down a dark path. Think back to the insanity of the recent thigh gap craze, which caused lots of incidents of severe depression which inevitably led to eating disorders.

Secondly, being “skinny” is nothing to be proud of, people!

Being lean and toned? Fair enough.

You had to bust your butt in the gym and be dedicated to your diet in order to achieve that.

But skinny?


Being skinny isn’t something to be jealous of, but yet again we have a trend placing some kind of pedestal under those who weigh less than my last poop.

Starving yourself is not a skill, nor is it something to be applauded for.

thigh gap

My Take

If you’ve been subject to bullying over this nonsense, I hope you take this message to heart:

Never let someone else make you feel “less of a person” because you don’t fit their perceived idea of beauty.

Oh, you’re not as skinny as a piece of paper?

So what?!

Until I read this email, I didn’t even realize that was a “thing.”

Plus, neither are any of my female clients.

In fact, most of the would take it as an insult if they were.

a4 waist challenge

If you want to be fit, train to be strong, not skinny.

In order to build your true best physique, you need to stop placing so much importance on “skinny” or “fat” because, in truth, neither is a good representation of FITNESS.

Bear in mind that your average A4 piece of paper is just 8.3 inches wide.

And that’s smaller than my.. oh never mind.

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