10 Weight Loss Tips That Fucking Work

Trying to lose weight can be frustrating.

how to lose weightEspecially when that douche from your work says “Just eat less and move more.”

No shit, Sherlock.. I never thought of that..

If you’re training hard and watching what you eat, hearing generic vague advice can make you want to bang your head against a brick wall. I’ve been there myself. So today I am going to give you 10 tips you can actually use to boost your weight loss results.

These are all tips that my male and female clients have used.

Maybe you’ve hit a sticking point. Perhaps you are trying to shift that last bit of “stubborn” belly fat. Or maybe you’re just starting out on your weight loss journey.

Apply a few of these tips and you’ll kickstart results.

how many calories to eat to lose weight

1. Calories are king

Everywhere you turn there’s talk of superfoods and such nonsense. But when you are trying to lose weight, there is one overriding rule – calories are king!

If you are eating too many calories per day, you will gain weight, and vice versa.

tips to lose weight

2. Optimize your calories

Once you have ensured you are in a calorie deficit, you can take results even higher by achieving an optimal split between protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Protein helps build lean muscle, and fat helps regulate the hormones responsible for building muscle, so it’s important to really take care of these two. A good starting point is a 40% (p), 40% (c), 20% (f) split.

You can squeeze just about any food into your diet – more on this below – but a good starting point is to pull your “go to” foods from the following options: lean meat, green vegetables, eggs, fruit, nuts.

how to lose weight

3. Avoid fad diets

It can get tempting to fall into the trap of quick fix diets in the hope for an instant solution to fat loss.

Repeat after me – Fuck. That. Shit.

Louder – FUCK. THAT. SHIT.

These diets are usually either:

a) Based around the idea of eliminating entire food groups from your diet, or
b) Putting you in an extreme calorie deficit

Extreme diets never, ever work.

Sure, weight will be lost in the early stages of one of these things. But it’s not because it represents the holy grail of fat loss. It’s because your body is fucking starving.

But here’s the thing – the body is remarkably clever.

It’s the most advanced machine either of us will ever be at the controls of. And one of the many remarkable things it can do is adapt to it’s environment to take care of it’s number one job – keeping you alive.

So after an initial shock and probably some initial weight loss, your body will begin to slow the metabolism to a gradual halt, meaning you join the millions of extreme dieters “enjoying” the phenomenon of losing barely any weight despite eating like a motherfucking rabbit. On a diet.

how to lose weight

4. Do HIIT 3x per week

Cardio is about as fun as being stuck in a lift with a Herbalife rep. Who happens to be vegan. And anti-vaccine.

HIIT will help you burn more calories in less time, and it’s a much more fun workout, too. But to get your workout as productive as possible, the secret is to resist the urge to think “more is better”. We all know that one guy who claims to perform “an hour of HIIT a day” yet never seems to lose any belly fat.

Instead, keep it quick and devastating. Quite frankly, if a client tells me they could perform an hour I’d rather they just shortened the time frame and worked harder.

You see, interval training is all about manipulating your heart rate – adaptation is the enemy of productiveness.

For maximum effectiveness in terms of fat loss, we want to avoid performing high intensity cardio every single day. This means the body can’t adapt as quickly, and yields greater results in the long-term. Don’t worry, you’ll be lifting weights too, so you can still go to the gym!

Try incorporating this short but effective bike session into your routine 3x per weeek:

  • Set the timer for 15 minutes
  • Use the first 5 minutes as a warm-up phase
  • One the 5 minute mark perform a 30 second sprint on a high gear
  • Recover for as long as necessary – aim for 30 seconds – before performing another sprint
  • Repeat until time expires

Here’s more info on HIIT.

how to lose weight

5. Ditch the diet whey

Seriously. Even though it’s aimed at weight loss, and often aimed at women looking to “tone up”, diet whey ain’t your best friend when it comes to fat loss.

I recommend switching to a casein.

Casein is a slower-digesting form of protien, and is a perfect fit for a weight loss diet as it will keep you feeling fuller for longer, meaning the tempation to snack between meals is significantly curbed.

Remember, overall calories are king!

Here’s more info on why most of my clients use casein instead of diet whey.

tips to lose weight

6. Lift big

We all know weight training is great for losing stubborn body fat.

But not just any lifts.

To maximize your results, focus on compound lifts. These exercises – such as the barbell squat, deadlift, clean and press – utilize multiple body parts therefore allowing you to achieve a better workout in less time.

So fuck off with those wrist curls and inner/outer thigh machines.

how to lose weight lifting weights

7. Get intense

Lifting weights is great, but there is one period of a weights workout which is commonly overlooked – the rest between sets.

Let’s face it, most guys lumber around the free weights area slower than a Oompa Loompa on a sugar comedown.

Taking less rest between sets allows you to burn more fat and boost your fitness levels, as does using techniques like cardio acceleration.

I want people to look at you as if you are crazy. That’s when you are training for fat loss right.

how to lose weight

8. Don’t eat clean

On your journey, you will meet countless individuals who will take pleasure in pointing out everything that’s “wrong” with your lunch.

They’ll smirk at your sandwich, and they’ll grimace as you add an extra piece of bacon to your plate.

Welcome to the world of clean eating, where no qualifications are necessary in order to appoint yourself a nutrition expert and the number one source of motivation is to point out how “dirty” other people’s diets are compared to yours, despite the fact that it’s a completely fucking unfounded dietary term.

As a trainer, I despise everything to do with clean eating. Read this post to see why.

Instead, I encourage you to learn the benefits of flexible dieting. Taking a more flexible approach to dieting – everything in moderation is the rule – has been shown time and time again to return greater weight loss results than trying to live a rigid, boring lifestyle consuming foods which you don’t enjoy.

All of my clients still eat pizza, chocolate, and whatever else they want. They just do it sensibly, ensuring they still hit their daily calorie goal and macronutrient targets.

And I encourage you to do this while also having a smile on your face, particularly when that death-faced motherfucker at your office is lecturing you – and trying to convince themselves – on why their cardboard-flavoured bowl of kill-me-now seeds is “so much better”.

clean eating vs flexible dieting

9. Stop having cheat days

Despite being a very common hobby among gym goers, this is something which makes absolutely no sense.

We work hard all week to put ourselves in a caloric deficit and lose fat, then we gauge on junk food, takeaways and/or alcoholic drinks and actually end up in a fucking calorie surplus for the week!

Make no mistake, it is easy to undo a week of dieting with one big blow out at the weekend.

But here’s the thing – cheat days are unnecessary in the first damn place!

If you want to eat some cake, eat some cake! If you fancy some pizza, enjoy your fucking pizza! It’s all about moderation, and being more flexible with your diet will allow you to enjoy your treat foods without needing to call them cheat foods.

High carb days are useful for boosting results, but high carb days and cheat days are two very different things. This post will show you the difference.

how to lose weight

10. Don’t give a fuck what people think about you

Seriously. You will inevitably attract criticism along the way. If you are in this for the long haul then you need to stop giving a fuck what people think about you.

Don’t post it on Facebook, though.

That’s a sure sign that you absolutely do give a fuck.

benefits of water

Well done for reading this far. You get a special bonus: Drink more water

Here’s an interesting tip – we often mistake hunger for thirst.

Most of us drink nowhere near enough water per day, and the urge to overeat comes from a desire to draw water from food. I’ve always laughed that we live in a world where guys will spend hundreds on supplements then ignore a vital part of their nutrition which is totally free.

Water will give you a better pump in the gym, make your muscles feel harder and leaner, and also help you to train harder. If it’s ice cold, it will even temporarily speed up your metabolism.

You can still drink other drinks of course, but make water your first choice.

This is a great way to control overall calories, too, as we tend to unknowingly rack them up when opting for sports drinks like Lucozade, fruit juices or energy drinks, which are basically satan in a luminous can when it comes to weight loss.

Aim for 3-4 liters or water per day and, after a few days adapting to your new habit, watch your results fucking soar.

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