Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Review

optimum nutrition gold standard whey review

For many years, one whey protein supplement has stood atop the muscle building mountain. That product is Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard whey. It’s the world’s best-selling whey protein supplement, and continues to be used by millions of gym goers… Continue Reading

How Many Reps To Build Muscle?


Training doesn’t need to be complicated. Learning how many reps to build muscle is as simple as following these proven principles. Click “play” to watch today’s video. How Many Reps To Build Muscle? When you’re lifting weights you’ll typically fall… Continue Reading

The Real “One Weird Trick” To Weight Loss Is To Stop Bullshitting Yourself


When it comes to losing weight, we are a nation of half-truthers. Thankfully, the internet is there with a ton of solutions that require no effort. Well, I’ve got one for you. And no it’s not “one weird tip for a… Continue Reading

Your Macronutrient Split Means Dick. Calories Are King.


The fitness industry runs wild with bullshit myths. And the most popular myth is that “it’s all about your macronutrient split, bro.” Well, check this: When it comes to regulating weight loss or gaining mass, your macronutrient split means dick. Calories are… Continue Reading

Does Creatine Work?


If you lift weights regularly, you’ve probably heard about creatine. But despite it’s popularity, the fact that “does creatine work?” is among the most popular Google searches tells me something. There are an awful lot of weight lifters out there… Continue Reading

Protein Dynamix Dynapro Anytime Review

protein dynamix dynapro anytime review

A few whey protein products stand at the top of the mountain. In this exclusive Protein Dynamix Dynapro Anytime review, we’ll see if the latest offering from Protein Dynamix has what it takes to join the likes of Optimum Nutrition as… Continue Reading