3 Killer Tips To Improve Your Bench Press Max

bench press tips

The moment people discover you workout, “How much can you bench?” is the #1 question on their lips. Particularly from non-lifters. And in a bid to impress, most guys answer with a lie. But not any more. Not you. This handy… Continue Reading

10 Weight Loss Tips That Fucking Work

how to lose weight

Trying to lose weight can be frustrating. Especially when that douche from your work says “Just eat less and move more.” No shit, Sherlock.. I never thought of that.. If you’re training hard and watching what you eat, hearing generic… Continue Reading

Why Diet Whey Sucks.

diet whey sucks

Whey protein supplements hate diet whey supplements. It’s a fact. Because diet whey represents the unicorn of the weight training world. As the public wade through fear-mongering about whey protein supplements making you big and massive, diet whey gets to sit atop the… Continue Reading

IronMaxx 100% Whey Protein Review


From Audi to penalty shoot outs, Germans are known for their efficiency. But how about building muscle? Today’s IronMaxx 100% whey protein review will see if the lads from Deutschland have what it takes to hang with the big boys in… Continue Reading

Why You Should Eat Haribo Gummy Bears After A Workout


Believe it or not, one of the best foods you can eat alongside your post-workout whey protein shake is Haribo Gummy Bears. My clients often get strange looks when tucking into some Haribo with their protein shake after a workout, so… Continue Reading

Stop Falling For Internet Weight Loss Bullshit

stop falling for internet weight loss bullshit

You know what’s more frustrating than not looking as good as I want? Knowing I’m only “one weird trick” away. Ah, the despair. Yes, today I’m delving into the world of internet weight loss bullshittery to bring you the truth. Because… Continue Reading

Is Creatine Safe For Teens?

Is creatine safe for teens

Parenthood has enough stressful situations. Creatine needn’t be one of them. From your son’s first day at school, to your daughter’s first date – or should I say, her date’s first death threat – to those times your entire family… Continue Reading