Is Creatine Safe For Teens?

Is creatine safe for teens

Parenthood has enough stressful situations. Creatine needn’t be one of them. From your son’s first day at school, to your daughter’s first date – or should I say, her date’s first death threat – to those times your entire family… Continue Reading

How To Burn More Calories – 60% More, In Fact

how to burn more calories

If you’re trying to burn more calories in the gym then you’ll enjoy today’s post, as I’m going to show you a technique which helped a client increase her calorie burn by a massive 60% in every workout. You read… Continue Reading

How To Motivate Your Partner To Workout

how to motivate your partner to workout

I’m often asked the question: “Hey Russ, do you know how to motivate your partner to workout?” Maybe your hubby has gained a few pounds since days of the Greek god in the wedding photo. Or perhaps the wife doesn’t… Continue Reading

My Current Supplement Stack

russ howe pti

I appreciate that you guys follow my website for good, honest advice on training and supplements. And one of the questions which inevitably pops up a lot is people asking what supplements I use, so today I’m going to show… Continue Reading